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Clint E. "Burke" Lilley (born 9 September 1967; age 51) is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who performed stunts in two Star Trek films and in an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2002 he was nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award for hardest hit in the film The Animal. He has doubled for stars such as Jimmy Smits. He is the son of stuntman and horse wrangler Jack Lilley and the brother of stuntman Clay M. Lilley. Like his father he is also a professional horse wrangler ans specialized in riding stunts and together they run "Movin' on Livestock", a company that supplies horses and animals for films.

Lilley has performed in and coordinated for films such as Masters of the Universe (1987, with Frank Langella, Meg Foster, Robert Duncan McNeill, Anthony De Longis, Robert Towers, and stunts by Janet Brady, Tony Brubaker, Doc Charbonneau, and Charlie Croughwell), Bonanza: The Next Generation (1988, with Peter Mark Richman, David Q. Combs, and stunts by Jennifer Watson and Mike Watson), Young Guns II (1990, with Christian Slater, Robert Knepper, Tracey Walter, and Leon Rippy), Brain Donors (1992), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992, with Stephen Root, Eurlyne Epper, Chino Binamo, Al Goto, Kim Koscki, Sharon Schaffer, Lincoln Simonds, and stunts by Eddie Braun and Freddie Hice), Dracula (1992), Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993, with Patrick Stewart and Chase Masterson), City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994, with Noble Willingham), The Phantom (1996), The Locusts (1997, with Ashley Judd), Starship Troopers (1997, with Dina Meyer and Clancy Brown), Mr. Murder (1998, with Julie Warner), Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1998, with Vyto Ruginis, Randy Hall, Scott Klace, and stunts by Ted Barba, Jeff Cadiente, Eugene Collier, Kim Koscki, Cole McKay, Denney Pierce, Eileen Weisinger, and Johnny Martin), Scream 3 (2000), Charlie's Angels (2000), Pearl Harbor (2001), The Time Machine (2002), Windtalkers (2002, with Christian Slater), Hulk (2003), Wedding Daze (2004), Family Plan (2005), Three Wise Guys (2005), and Delta Farce (2007, with Glenn Morshower, Jimmy Ortega, and Shelly Desai).

He has also performed and coordinated in television series such as Little House on the Prairie (1979, with George Aguilar), Highway to Heaven (1987, with Jeff Cadiente, Jennifer Parsons, and Lincoln Simonds), Friends, The Magnificent Seven (1999, with Andrew Kavovit, Ed Lauter, Geoff Meed, Ron Perlman, and Rick Worthy), Walker, Texas Ranger (1999 and 2000, with Noble Willingham and Lin Oeding), Black Scorpion (2001, with Robert Pine, Edward Conna, and coordinated by Peewee Piemonte), Alias (2001, created and produced by J.J. Abrams), and Wildfire (2007, starring Nana Visitor).

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