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Clive Selsby Revill (born 18 April 1930; age 90) played the role of Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fourth season episode "Qpid". He filmed his scenes between Tuesday 12 February 1991 and Friday 15 February 1991 on Paramount Stage 9 and 16 and during the location shooting at the Descanso Gardens.

Revill was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He has appeared in both Star Trek and Star Wars, having supplied the voice of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980, with Jason Wingreen). However, in the 2004 DVD release, his performance as the Emperor was removed and replaced with Ian McDiarmid, who played the Emperor in the four later movies; the scene had also been rewritten, as the shocking secret the original dialogue had tip-toed around was now common knowledge and as such played a role in the conversation. (Wingreen, who had voiced Boba Fett in the film, was removed as well, his lines dubbed by Temuera Morrison, who had played Fett's unmasked "father" in the second prequel, Attack of the Clones). In the PC-Game Star Wars: X-Wing, he was the voice of General Dodonna.

Revill was one of several Star Trek guest stars to appear in the 1980s series The Facts of Life, where he portrayed a professor of William Shakespeare's plays in the episode "E.G.O.C." (Edna Garrett on Campus). The episode references several major plays which also appear in Star Trek, such as Hamlet, Richard III, The Merchant of Venice, and Julius Caesar. Other Star Trek performers who appeared in the series included William Windom, Kenneth Tigar, Roger Perry, Paul Comi, Clyde Kusatsu, Nehemiah Persoff, Eve Smith, Nicholas Coster, Robert Hooks, and Ian Wolfe. Lead Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Armin Shimerman also made a brief appearance in the show's seventh season premiere episode.

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