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Cloak is a Pocket TOS novel – the third novel in the Section 31 series – written by S.D. Perry. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in July 2001.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
They are the self-appointed protectors of the Federation. Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost.
Once, in order to preserve the galaxy's fragile balance of power, Captain James T. Kirk carried out a dangerous mission to capture a cloaking device from the Romulan Star Empire. Months later, while investigating a mysterious disaster aboard a Federation starship, Kirk discovers that the same technology he obtained for the sake of peace is being put to sinister purposes. What the crew of the Enterprise uncovers will send shock waves through the quadrant, as Section 31 sets in motion a plan that could bring the major powers of the galaxy to their knees.

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Memorable quotes Edit

"I'm convinced that what Starfleet stands for is good and true, and I think Section 31, whatever it is, exactly, is only a very small part – like a tumor, a cancer. Something that doesn't reflect any of the virtues and beliefs that Starfleet is about. But if each of you – each of us – is willing to question that one order that doesn't feel right, if we are willing to accept the responsibility of keeping our faith, by no longer taking it for granted – if we're willing to do that, then the cancer won't be able to spread."

- Kirk

Background information Edit

Characters Edit

James T. Kirk 
Captain, USS Enterprise.
Science officer.
Leonard McCoy 
Montgomery Scott 
Chief engineer.
Christine Chapel 
Communications officer.
Hikaru Sulu 
Pavel Chekov 
Carl Jefferson (β
Bendes Ketteract 
Omega molecule researcher.
Gage Darres (β
Starfleet captain.
Jack Casden (β
Starfleet captain, USS Sphinx.
Phil Waterston (β
Captain, USS Constitution.
Robert Wesley 
Aaron Stone 
Nick Silver (β
Jose Mendez 
Grant (β)
Burdock (β
Engineer, rank of ensign.
Rick Washburn 
Engineer, rank of ensign.
Tam (β
Dixon (β
Joanna Celaux (β
Steve Chase (β)
Chesterton (β)
Sandra West (β

Mentioned Edit

Matt Decker
Garth of Izar
R.M. Merrick
Ron Tracey
Nancy Crater

References Edit

Altair VI; cloaking device; Gamma Hydra IV

USS Constitution 
Federation starship commanded by Captain Phil Waterston (β).
Deep Space Station M-20 (β)
Deep Space Station R-5 (β)
General Order 24
Lantaru sector
Moon of Neptune.
Omega molecule
Section 31
USS Sphinx (β
Centaurus-class (β) starship.
Starbase 19
Starbase 23
Starbase 27
Starbase 29

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