You might also be looking for the Eastern Coalition, the Coalition of Madena, the Coalition of Planets, or The Coalition.
Coalition soldiers

Coalition soldiers

The Coalition was the name given to one of the two cadres on the planet Turkana IV, site of a failed Earth colony, in the mid-24th century.

Along with the Turkana IV Alliance, the Coalition was given police powers by the Turkana government in the 2330s, in an attempt to quash the civil war that was raging across the planet. However, the two factions used their powers to eliminate the remaining cadres and eventually the government itself. The Coalition had access to Federation computers and phaser-like weapons. It continually raided Alliance equipment stores for goods, however, due to the proximity detectors, its members could not penetrate deep into Alliance territory.

By 2367, led by Hayne, the Coalition controlled half of the colony, and had at least three thousand troops. Ishara Yar was among their members. In that year, the Coalition assisted the USS Enterprise-D in tracking and recovering crewmembers of the Arcos, captured by the Alliance following the destruction of that vessel. Their assistance disguised an unsuccessful attempt to sabotage the Alliance defense systems, and wipe out their enemy.

All Coalition members wore white shirts underneath leather jackets and their proximity detectors glowed yellow in the presence of Alliance members and sensors. (TNG: "Legacy")


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