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Cogswell Video Services, Inc. is a post production video company which provides visual effects video assist, precision alignment, motion control triggering, and comprehensive multiple camera packages for film and television projects. The company provided video playback for the Star Trek: The Next Generation fourth season episode "Qpid" and the fifth season episode "Darmok". The company also provided their equipment to the Star Trek: Enterprise pilot episode "Broken Bow" and five Star Trek films. [1]

Cogswell Video Services, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Steven L. Cogswell and taken over by brother and sound mixer Richmond G. Cogswell in 1992, both sons of Hollywood visual effects photographer Gordon Jennings.

The company worked on projects such as the comedy Mr. Mom (1983), the science fiction film Short Circuit (1985), the action film Lethal Weapon (1987) and its sequel Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), the comedy Christmas Vacation (1989), the action film Air America (1990), the crime drama Rising Sun (1993), the thriller Point of No Return (1993), the crime thriller True Romance (1993), the science fiction thriller Virtuosity (1995), the television series Carnivále (2003-2005), the mystery thriller Mirrors (2008), and the television series Bright Falls (2010).

With over 400 feature film credits the company also provided their equipment to the television series Heroes, Bones, Entourage, Pushing Daisies, 24, The Mentalist, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Castle, Boston Public, Two and a Half Men, Brothers & Sisters, Numb3rs, Ghost Whisperer, Mad Men, House M.D., and FlashForward.

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