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Coleco Industries, Inc. (pronounced coh-LEE-coh) was a US-based toy and game company founded in 1932 by Maurice Greenberg as the Connecticut Leather Company. By the 1960s, their focus shifted to toys and games.

The company is most famous for releasing electronic tabletop and hand-held games like the Head-To-Head series of sports games and the portable Quiz Wiz trivia game. They are also responsible for the mega-fad Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and the ColecoVision home video game console, which was one of the home gaming systems for which Sega had "ported" their Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator arcade game.

In 1980, the company announced a Star Trek: The Electronic Game (based on Star Trek: The Motion Picture), but there is some doubt (citation needededit) as to whether or not it was ever released.

The company filed for bankruptcy in the mid 1980s (mostly due to their failed entry into the home computer market, the Coleco ADAM), and in 1989, the assets of Coleco were purchased by Hasbro.

In 2005, River West Brands, a Chicago-based company, re-introduced Coleco (including many of their hand-helds and ColecoVision) into the marketplace. As of 2006, the company had made arrangements for their new game products to be sold exclusively at Target stores in the US.

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