The following people were inhabitants of Earth Colony Alpha 5.



The governor was colony's head of government.

While at the mercy of Charles Evans' Thasian-endowed powers, Captain James T. Kirk asked Lieutenant Nyota Uhura to raise Colony 5 in 2266 so he could speak to the governor. She was unsuccessful due to an exploding communications console. (TOS: "Charlie X")

This governor was only mentioned in dialogue.

Charles Evans' relatives

These individuals were Charlie Evans' closest living relatives.

In 2266, Captain Ramart handed Charlie over to the USS Enterprise as they were headed in the direction of Colony 5. Due to Captain Kirk's reservations about leaving the colony's inhabitants at the mercy of a powerful Evans, as well as the Thasians' interference, they and Charlie never met. (TOS: "Charlie X")

These relatives were only mentioned in dialogue.
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