Commodore insignia
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Starfleet pin and sleeve stripes, 22nd century

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Starfleet pin and sleeve stripes, 22nd century

Starfleet pin and sleeve stripes, 22nd century
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Starfleet, 2260s

Starfleet, 2260s
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Starfleet pin and sleeve stripes,
Late 2270s - 2350s

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Starfleet pin and sleeve stripes,
Late 2270s - 2350s

Starfleet pin and sleeve stripes,
Late 2270s - 2350s
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Commodore was a rank, originally naval and later adopted by Starfleet. As a traditional grade, commodore was the most junior flag officer rank or the most senior line officer rank, of a naval organization, under an admiral rank (usually under rear admiral) but senior to a captain. Commodores commanded groups of ships, as opposed to captains commanding single ships or units. In comparison to other ranking systems, this rank was equivalent to the military brigadier or brigadier general, or the navy alternative Rear Admiral, Lower Half. They could also command starbases, such as Starbase Yorktown. (Star Trek Beyond)

The United Earth Starfleet used the rank of commodore in the 2140s and 2150s. (ENT: "First Flight", "Shockwave, Part II")

The rank of commodore was used by Starfleet in the year 2364. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

In 2366, Geordi La Forge insulted Centurion Bochra by calling him commodore, to which Bochra promptly corrected La Forge as to his proper title. (TNG: "The Enemy")

The first mention of the rank of commodore in Star Trek: The Original Series occurred in the episode "Court Martial". The first mention of the rank of commodore in Star Trek: The Next Generation occurred in the episode "Conspiracy". In that episode, several commodores were issuing commands in mission orders to starship captains. These orders were read by Lieutenant Commander Data in the android's investigation into a suspected conspiracy among the higher members of Starfleet Command.
La Forge calling Bochra "commodore" was the only time that the rank was ever spoken of in dialogue in the series.

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This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

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Apart from its Original Series usage, a commodore is spoken of in radio traffic heard at the start of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. A commodore "movie pin" is also seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The rank has appeared in ENT, being mentioned in "First Flight" and appearing on background characters in "First Flight", "Shockwave, Part II", "Home", and the "Demons"/"Terra Prime" two-parter. The latter featured the only female commodore yet seen.

The rank of commodore in Starfleet itself has not been seen or referenced in DS9 or VOY; it was listed in the rank guide used by Robert Blackman and the TNG wardrobe department.[1]

In the US Navy, the rank of commodore has been phased out (although its use as a title remains for a senior captain who commands a group of ships), and the lowest flag officer rank is currently referred to as "rear admiral (lower half)". It is possible that by the time of the TNG-era, Starfleet has likewise replaced the rank of commodore with that of a "rear admiral-lower half", but that specific term has also never been seen or referenced onscreen.

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In numerous novels, including Before Dishonor, the rank of commodore is revealed to exist into the 24th century. In that novel, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun informs Captain Picard that since he was in command of a group of starships it would be proper for him to be referred to as Commodore Picard rather than Captain Picard. The rank also features prominently in the novel Imzadi, where the rank of commodore is held by a future version of Data. Benjamin Sisko is referred to as a Commodore in Sacrifice of Angels by Charlie Reynolds.

Several non-canon reference manuals, among them the Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual, describe a five collar pip commodore insignia in use during the 24th century. Such an insignia, however, has never appeared in an actual Star Trek production. This five pip collar insignia is also used in fandom sources as an insignia for fleet captain.

Commodore is one of the ranks held by Federation admirals Aaron, Bullock, and Savar in the video game Star Trek: Conquest.

In the alternate reality-set 2013 video game Star Trek, Commodore Daniels (β) is the commander of Frontier 17 (β)'s starbase.

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