Condition green was a pre-arranged code phrase used by landing parties of the USS Enterprise when communicating under duress. It indicated that while the party was in trouble, the ranking officer aboard ship was not to intervene or send anyone to help, as this would only endanger more people. It did not prevent that officer from preparing for possible future actions. Neither did it prevent that officer from using considered judgment to exploit an opportunity that aided the party without violating mission parameters.

In 2268, while on the planet 892-IV, Captain James T. Kirk contacted the Enterprise with the message "Condition green, all's well." (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

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In "A Piece of Reaction", Commander Riker, under duress from the Sigma Iotians, told the computer on the holodeck to cancel a self-destruct sequence, adding "condition green" as his authorization code, prompting the computer to respond "Condition green acknowledged." This convinced his captors that the self-destruct sequence had been aborted, when in fact it was actually still running.

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