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Plasma injector conduit

A plasma injector conduit

A conduit was a medium to transfer energy between two points. They were often built into walls of habitat areas.

Prior to the creation of the command center aboard Enterprise NX-01, the room was a storage bay for conduit housings. (ENT: "The Xindi")

When Geordi La Forge and Ro Laren cut a micro-hole into the bulkhead above Ten Forward, he was concerned about hitting conduit 227, but he managed to get by without rupturing the conduit. (TNG: "Power Play")

A conduit that had been used to transfer warp power to a sensor array was emitting a subspace particle stream after it had been tampered with by solanogen-based lifeforms. (TNG: "Schisms")

On Cardassian space stations, conduits are accompanied by Jefferies tube-like crawlspaces, which run throughout the station. These crawl spaces are lined with duranium alloy, which prevents them from being scanned by sensors. This once allowed Major Kira Nerys to fool a Cardassian warship into thinking Deep Space 9 had 5,000 photon torpedoes when in fact it only had six. (DS9: "Emissary") It also allowed a group of Starfleet officers to hide from the Bajoran Militia during a siege of the station in an attempted coup d'etat by the Alliance for Global Unity. (DS9: "The Siege")

Miles O'Brien and Benjamin Sisko once crawled their way through a conduit to disable the self-destruct program that threatened the station as part of the counter-insurgency program they had accidentally activated. (DS9: "Civil Defense")

While trapped inside his mind, which he visualized as DS9, Julian Bashir attempted to use the conduits to reach Ops. However, the telepathic attack he had suffered caused him to continually re-emerge on the Promenade. (DS9: "Distant Voices")

Quark once decided to assemble an all-Ferengi team to rescue his mother Ishka from the Dominion. He had to find his brother Rom, who was on duty at the time and working in one of the station's conduits. After informing Rom of the situation, Quark got lost and found upon opening the hatch at the end of a conduit that he had reached Captain Sisko's office. (DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi")

When turning the captain's dining room into a galley on the USS Voyager, Neelix had to re-route the conduits in the mess hall for the job. (VOY: "Phage")

Among their organic technology, Species 8472 bio-ships carried electrodynamic fluid through their organic conduits. (VOY: "Scorpion")

A plasma injector conduit was among the items Tau and his pirates stole from the Voyager in 2374. Tuvok identified it after the Leonardo da Vinci hologram purchased it from an alien. (VOY: "Concerning Flight")

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