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"A safe galaxy is a Human galaxy!"

The Confederation of Earth was a government, described as an "xenophobic authoritarian regime" or "xenophobic tyranny", that existed on Earth after the entity Q went back in time and changed Human history.


The entity Q time traveled to the year 2024, where he altered Earth's past by ensuring that Renée Picard did not participate in the Europa Mission, which would prevent her discovery of an alien microorganism on Io that would be crucial to humanity's efforts to repair the damage of pollution and climate change and prevent humanity's extinction. In the absence of this discovery, humanity turned to Dr. Adam Soong, a disgraced geneticist whose work would have otherwise been rendered entirely obsolete by Renée's discovery, and Soong became a figure venerated by humanity for his work in preventing the human race's extinction. (PIC: "Mercy") Soong was responsible for the Confederation's mantra of "A safe galaxy is a Human galaxy" and holograms of him repeating the phrase would be played centuries later.

By the 25th century, the Confederation of Earth existed instead of the United Federation of Planets; at this time, its President was Annika Hansen. There were no records of time travel in Confederation databanks.

The Confederation was also at war on many battlefronts with different species, including the Vulcans, the Dominion Alliance, and the Andorians. According to Q, the Jean-Luc Picard of this new timeline, a General in the Confederation Corps, murdered such individuals as Gul Dukat, General Martok, and Director Sarek. (PIC: "Penance")

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