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Constitution type escape pod, 2258

A pod of this type landed

The Constitution-type escape pod was a type of escape pod used aboard Constitution-class starships.

History Edit

The USS Enterprise was equipped with this kind of pod in 2258. Acting captain Spock had acting first officer James T. Kirk jettisoned from the ship in one of these pods as the Enterprise passed Delta Vega on its way out of the Vulcan system after the destruction of Vulcan. (Star Trek)

Technical information Edit

Constitution type escape pod interior

The interior of a pod

This type of pod was released from a docking port on the neck of Constitution-class starships, and could land on automatic. There was room for only one standard Human-sized occupant, with small control panels placed at eye level on either side of the pod. There were also controls placed at waist level, including a manual steering column. The main hatch had at least four windows and was directly in front of the occupant. (Star Trek)

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