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From the back cover
Out of the past!
These are the continuing comics adventures of Kirk, Spock, Scotty – and Picard, Riker and Data – as the crews of both U.S.S. Enterprises come together in a series of amazing adventures!
They first meet in the official adaptation of Star Trek Generations… then in a thrilling epic involving both crews and many more famous Star Trek characters, including Gary Seven, Gowron, Captain Harriman, General Tellius, and the nefarious Devidians! Finally, a touching vignette sees Captain Montgomery Scott adapting to a new lease of life – four hundred years into his own future!
Written by acclaimed Star Trek novelists Michael Jan Friedman and Howard Weinstein, with pencillers Ken Save, Gordon Purcell (New Teen Titans) and Steve Erwin (Checkmate), featuring rare interviews with Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) and James Doohan (Scotty), these never-before-collected tales will take you beyond the final frontier!

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