Corporeal species have a physical body, usually composed of carbon- or silicon-based cellular structures. Most corporeal races metabolize energy by consuming food or photosynthesis, and have a finite life cycle consisting of distinct periods of growth, maturity, and senescence. Intelligent corporeal species frequently enhance their capabilities with technology. (See also: humanoids)

The Prophets were taught about corporeal lifeforms by Benjamin Sisko. In 2371, one of them appearing in the form of Sisko explained this to Quark when the Ferengi questioned why they asked him if "The Sisko" sent him. (DS9: "Prophet Motive")

Non-corporeal lifeforms sometimes found the behavior of corporeal ones to be a weakness. In 2373, awakening to find Miles O'Brien touching Keiko O'Brien, the lifeform inhabiting her body considered their need for physical intimacy (i.e. touching each other) annoying, particularly when displayed by children. (DS9: "The Assignment")

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