Corvan Gilvo, 2368

A caged Corvan gilvo

The Corvan gilvos were a stick-like animal indigenous to the rainforests of Corvan II. Gilvos were uniquely suited to live in trees, as they closely resembled a tree branch. Their eating habits were similar to Earth's extinct Draco lizards. Their habitat was threatened by industrial pollutants on Corvan II, and by 2368, there were only fourteen gilvos in the wild.

Corvan Gilvo, The Nagus

Zek's Corvan gilvo

That year, the USS Enterprise-D transported two gilvos to the protected planet of Brentalia. The gilvos were momentarily threatened by a fire that broke out aboard the ship during their transport in the biolab, but Commander William T. Riker was able to save the animals (at Alexander Rozhenko's insistence). (TNG: "New Ground")

Another surviving gilvo was a pet of Grand Nagus Quark in 2369. (DS9: "The Nagus")

The gilvo was a hand puppet designed by makeup supervisor Michael Westmore. (Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 89))
Puppeteer Alison Elbl moved the gilvo in "New Ground".
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