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Cosmo Traitt was a male Betelgeusian courier in the 32nd century.

In 3188, he stole the trance worm "Molly". After Cleveland Booker in turn stole Molly from him on Hima, Traitt took to his ship and pursued Booker as he fled Hima through a debris field. During the pursuit, Traitt said that the cargo belonged to him, to which Booker responded that Molly belonged to itself. When a space-time anomaly opened nearby, Traitt veered away.

Traitt located Booker in the Mercantile, where a fight ensued and Booker escaped. Traitt and the local Emerald Chain authorities followed Booker back to his ship where, despite Traitt claiming he was their best courier, Ithor killed him for losing the cargo. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")

Cosmo Traitt was played by David Benjamin Tomlinson.
Traitt was identified as a Betelgeusian in TRR: "That Hope Is You, Part 1".
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