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Series: VOY
Season: 5x10
Original Airdate: 1998-12-16
Production Number: 204
Year: 2375
Stardate: Unknown
Story by: Michael Taylor
Directed by:| Les Landau

Voyager smuggles telepathic refugees past Devore patrols.



Background Information

Memorable Quotes

"You created false readings!"

"That is the theme for this evening, isn't it?"

- Kashyk, Captain Janeway


Several Vulcans besides Tuvok and Vorik have been seen and referenced in various episodes of Voyager, yet there is no mention of them on the list of telepaths.

Links and References

Guest Stars


Brenari; Devore; Devore Imperium; Devore ship; Devore shuttlecraft; Kathryn Janeway; Jarot; Mahler; Mutara class; pattern enhancer; Prime Directive; refractive shield; Seven of Nine; transporter; type-9 shuttlecraft; wormhole

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