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Galaxy Magazine

The cover of the issue containing "Court Martial"

For the TOS episode of the same name, please see "Court Martial".
For the military legal procedure, please see court martial.

"Court Martial" was a story published in the September 1953 issue of Galaxy. It was written by Samuel T. Cogley.

Benny Russell picked up a copy of the magazine that published this story at a newsstand, where he was quickly intercepted by the news vendor, who shared that "personally, I don't see the attraction. Spaceships, flying saucers, men from Mars", before finally asking him if he was going to pay for it. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

"Court Martial", of course, was a homage to the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Court Martial", from which Albert Whitlock's matte painting of Starbase 11 appeared on the cover of the issue. Samuel Cogley was a character in the same episode.
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