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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

For additional meanings of "Craft", please see Craft.

Craft was a name used by a male Human soldier from the planet Alcor IV. "Craft" was not his true name, but it was what he was mostly called. At one point he also went by "Quarrel", and Zora named him "Funny Face".

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What was the true name of the character known as 'Craft'? toggle section
The individual known as "Craft" was a male Human soldier from Alcor IV. While "Craft" was not his actual name, it was the moniker he was most frequently identified by. He had also been referred to as "Quarrel" and "Funny Face". However, his true name remains undisclosed.
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Why was Craft also referred to as "Quarrel" and "Funny Face"? toggle section
Craft called himself "Quarrel" when he first met Zora, the sentient computer of the USS Discovery. It is unknown why he chose this alias. "Funny Face" was a moniker given to Craft by Zora, referencing the 1957 movie of the same name, which was her favorite. She showed a holographic version of this film to Craft and named the final warp-capable shuttle of the USS Discovery "Funny Face" in his honor.
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What role did Craft play in the USS Discovery's Red Directive? toggle section
In the USS Discovery's final Red Directive, Zora, the ship's sentient computer, was instructed to wait for "Craft," with no other information given. After waiting about a thousand years alone in deep space, Zora detected a V'draysh escape pod and brought it aboard. She treated the injuries of the man who was in the pod, who later identified himself as Craft. It remains unknown exactly what role Craft played in the Red Directive.
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What was the connection between Craft and the planet Alcor IV? toggle section
Craft was a Human from the planet Alcor IV, the fourth planet in the Alcor system. Alcor IV hosted unique lifeforms like the sorrowhawk and cyclops owl. A notable feature of Alcor IV was the Reach, a body of water known for its distinctive sound when southwestern winds struck the sea. The planet was inhabited by the 43rd century.
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Decades after finding the Progenitors' technology, the crew of the USS Discovery took the ship into deep space on a Red Directive where it would be left to wait. All that Admiral Michael Burnham knew was that the ship would wait for probably longer than the crew's lifetime and it would be waiting for "Craft," although she didn't know if that was a person or a vessel. (DIS: "Life, Itself")

At some point, Craft sustained a hunting injury that caused visible scars, which he did not have removed. It was speculated this was for sentimental reasons.

Craft held an attachment to a woman and small child, but left them to be a soldier in a war pitting Alcor IV against the V'draysh when the child was not yet one year old. He spent the next ten years at war, before eventually stealing an escape pod from the V'draysh. His pod was floating through space for a month before it was picked up by the Discovery.

The Discovery was an old ship and the crew had abandoned it nearly a thousand years earlier, but the ship's computer had evolved during those several centuries. She called herself "Zora", and she kept him on the ship as her companion, clearly falling in love with him. Craft, however, yearned to go back to his homeworld, and felt he couldn't stay with her, as he had to get back home.

He then boarded the ship's only remaining shuttlecraft, which Zora called "Funny Face", named after a 1957 movie of the same name. He then took the shuttle and set course for Alcor IV, not knowing what he would find when he arrived there. He was uncertain if his family was still alive, nor did he know the outcome of the war. Still, he expressed interest in taking a pulse-rigger out onto the Reach to go fishing and listen to the sound of the hydropulse and the sorrowhawks. (ST: "Calypso")

Craft was played by actor Aldis Hodge.