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Craig Richard Nelson (born 17 September 1947; age 73) is an actor who guest starred in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "A Matter of Perspective" and later in the Star Trek: Voyager fourth season episode "Living Witness".

Nelson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah where he later studied acting at the University of Utah then transferred to New York University's Tisch School of Arts.

He has guest starred in television series such as The Rookies (1976, with Michael Forest), Square Pegs (1982, starring Merritt Butrick), Santa Barbara (1985), The Golden Girls (1986, with Sam Anderson), L.A. Law (1988, starring Corbin Bernsen and with Rosalind Allen, Fran Bennett, Jim Jansen, Todd Jeffries, and Christine Rose), Dallas (1989, with Joey Aresco, Ron Canada, and Lance LeGault), Alien Nation (1989, starring Eric Pierpoint, Gary Graham, Michele Scarabelli, Ron Fassler, and with Sam Anderson, Andreas Katsulas, and Joel Swetow, in an episode directed by David Carson), Quantum Leap (1992, starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, and with Paul Collins, Eva Loseth, Robert Pine, and Daniel Roebuck), Diagnosis Murder (1994), Murder She Wrote (1995, with Ann Cusack, Robert Hooks, Dakin Matthews, Melanie Smith, William Windom, Kathleen Garrett, and Renee Jones), and Home Improvement (1997, with Harry Groener).

Nelson has also performed in films such as Blood Sport (1973, with William Lucking), American Raspberry (1977, with Joanna Cassidy, Nancy Parsons, David Spielberg, and Harris Yulin), My Bodyguard (1980), Chiller (1985 with Paul Sorvino, Kenneth White and Mimi Craven), Betrayed by Innocence (1986, with Paul Sorvino and Dendrie Taylor), Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989, with Matt Frewer, Amy O'Neill, Mark L. Taylor, and Frank Welker), Blown Away (1994, with Mike Starr), and The Rat Pack (1998, with David Andrews, Dey Young, Brad Blaisdell, Ron Ostrow, and Scott MacDonald).

Both times Nelson appeared on Star Trek, he worked with a Margolis: the elder Mark in "A Matter of Perspective" and the younger Morgan in "Living Witness".

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