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Craig Wasson (born 15 March 1954; age 67) played Ee'char in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fourth season episode "Hard Time".

In his first motion picture, Rollercoaster (1977), he starred with future Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9 guest star Michael Bell. In 1980 he starred in the television series Skag. Leslie Ackerman played a relation of his character and Bibi Besch starred in several episodes.

His feature films include Body Double (1984, with Gregg Henry and Douglas Warhit), A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. (1987, with Nan Martin, Clayton Landey, Brooke Bundy, and Paul Kent). In 1989, he played the lead role, James Madison, in A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation. In 1992, he appeared in Spike Lee's Malcolm X, in which James MacDonald also appeared. Wasson has guest starred in M*A*S*H (with David Ogden Stiers) and Seven Days (with Alan Scarfe),

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