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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, also referred to as On-Demand Publishing, LLC and commonly abbreviated to simply CreateSpace, is a Scotts Valley, California, US based company that provides online services for prospect book authors, music artists, and movie makers to self-publish their work, when they are either unable, unwilling, or both, to follow the traditional paths for such endeavors.

The online service provides both creative and marketing tools for authors and artists to publish their works themselves at a fraction of the cost incurred of traditional manufacturing, while ensuring minimal creative meddling from the publisher's side, though insisting on adherence to applicable US and international copyright laws. This means that book authors are required to include disclaimers in their colophons when writing about copyright and trademark protected subjects, such as Star Trek.

Originally founded on 14 July 2000 as BookSurge, Inc. in South Carolina, the company was formed by combining it with CustomFlix Labs, Inc., a similarly conceived online platform founded two years later for independent movie makers. In 2005 both companies were acquired by multi-media conglomerate, who changed the name of the movie platform into CreateSpace in 2007, and into which the book component was merged two years later.

Typically, books released through CreateSpace are sold as print-on-demand physical copies through Amazon only, as well as made available in the digital Kindle format.

Star Trek Edit

To date, all known Star Trek book titles released through CreateSpace are unlicensed, as is implied by the chosen method of publication. In the case of Star Trek reference books either one the following (standard) disclaimers were to be included in the wake of the 2006 franchise ownership transference from Paramount to CBS:

Prior to 2006 (old)

"Star Trek is a registered trademark of CBS Paramount Television and CBS Studios, Inc. This book is not endorsed, authorized, or affiliated with Star Trek, CBS Paramount Television, or CBS Studios Inc. Use of any copyrighted material complied with fair use or acceptable use principles established in U.S. and International copyright law for the purposes of review, study, criticism, or news reporting. No copyright infringement is intended."

Pursuant 2006 (new)

"This book is a work of journalism, protected under the First Amendment, and is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with CBS Studios, Inc. or the "Star Trek®" franchise. The Star Trek® trademarks, logos, and related names are owned by CBS Studios, Inc. and are used under "fair use" guidelines."

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