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Creating the Next Generation: The Conception and Creation of a Phenomenon is an unauthorized reference book published in 1995. The book covers the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Beginning and concluding with the making of the series finale, "All Good Things...", Creating The Next Generation takes a look back at the initial conception and development of the incredibly successful follow-up to the original Trek, The Next Generation.
Authors Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman – the creative team behind Captains' Logs – relate for the first time, the intimate details surrounding the series. Through exclusive interviews with insiders such as David Gerrold and Dorothy Fontana, and combined with access to private files, Creating The Next Generation follows the series from its official announcement in October 1986 through the airing of its first episode, "Encounter at Farpoint".
Two additional highlights are a set visit that took place early in the first season, and a look back at the development of "Encounter at Farpoint" from initial outline through final shooting script.
Creating The Next Generation is an inside look at the creation of a phenomenon.

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