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Founded in 1971, Creation Entertainment is a Glendale, California, USA based company that puts on many sci-fi and fantasy conventions including the official Star Trek conventions, habitually held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and reputed to be the largest Star Trek ones in the world. [1]

They also do conventions for other genre franchises, such as for Stargate, Xena, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, and Twilight, among others. Most notably however, they had also co-organized the first official Star Wars convention, the 24-26 May 1987 "Star Wars 10th anniversary convention" for which they arranged a surprise guest appearance by Gene Roddenberry on the 25th, becoming the only known instance that the creators of the two most influential science fiction franchises in media history, Roddenberry and George Lucas, have ever met face-to-face. [2] [3]

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