Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

List of credits as presented in the film Star Trek Beyond.

Directed by
Justin Lin
Written by
Simon Pegg
& Doug Jung
Based Upon Star Trek Created by
Gene Roddenberry
Produced by
J.J. Abrams, p.g.a.
Roberto Orci
Lindsey Weber, p.g.a.
Justin Lin, p.g.a.
Executive Producers
Jeffrey Chernov
David Ellison
Dana Goldberg
Tommy Harper
Director of Photography
Stephen F. Windon, ACS, ASC
Production Designer
Thomas Sanders
Edited by
Kelly Matsumoto
Dylan Highsmith
Greg D'Auria
Steven Sprung, ACE
Music by
Michael Giacchino
Costume Designer
Sanja Hays
Visual Effects Supervisor
Peter Chiang
Visual Effects Producer
Ron Ames
Special Makeup Effects
Joel Harlow
Casting by
April Webster, CSA
& Alyssa Weisberg, CSA

John Cho
Simon Pegg
Chris Pine
Zachary Quinto
Zoë Saldana
Karl Urban
Anton Yelchin
Idris Elba

Sofia Boutella
Lydia Wilson

Paramount Pictures

In Association with
Alibaba Pictures

In Association with
Huahua Media

Bad Robot

Sneaky Shark

Perfect Storm Entertainment

Justin Lin

In Loving Memory of
Leonard Nimoy


Unit Production Manager
Helen Pollak
First Assistant Director
Nick Satriano
Second Assistant Director
Philip Nee Nee
Associate Producers
Helen Pollak
Ron Ames
Joshua Henson


Stunt Coordinator
Mike Gunther
Antal Kalik (Stunt double: Chris Pine)
Andrew Long
Brian Avery (Stunt double: Simon Pegg)
Rorelee Tio
Jason Bell
Lani Gelera
Dan Mast
Kimani Ray Smith
Brett Armstrong
Jay Jauncey
Dimitri Tsoy
Marcus Aurello
Ken Do
Christopher Gordon
Michael Lewinson
Leif Havdale (Stunt double: Chris Pine)
Todd Scott
Lucius Fairburn
Chien Funan (Starfleet official)
Mark Chin
Ryan Handley
James Michalopolous
Brennan Walstrom
Byron Brisco
Keanu Lam
Kye Walstrom
George Boutros
Ali Dunn
Cameron Hilts
Nick Marinos
Reagan Sieg (Stunt double: Chris Pine)
Sharlene Royer (Stunt double: Zoe Saldana)
Marshall A. Bingham
Breanna Watkins
Brent Connolly
Melissa Jin
David Rodriguez
Rhys Williams
Kimberly Chiang
Chris Mark
Tyson Arner
Rob Boyce
Patrick Flewin
Trevor Jones
Taylor Tai
Lars Grant
Rob Hayter
Bridgett Riley (Stunt double: Sofia Boutella)
Trevor Addie
Monique Ganderton
Daniel Lavigne
Chad Sayn
Matt Yanagiya
Andrew Chin
Johnson Phan
Jeff Aro
Ray Chan
Nilo Ghajar
Don Lew
Sound Design and Supervisor
Peter Brown
Re-Recording Mixers
Jon Taylor
Frank A. Montaño


Production Manager
Stewart Bethune
Production Supervisor
Evangeline Morgan
Production Controller
Eric Pike
Supervising Art Director
Don MacAulay
Set Decorator
Lin MacDonald
Camera Operator
Stephen Maier
First Assistant Photographers
Gregory Irwin
Sean Elliott
Alex Martinez
Second Assistant Photographers
Tuilo Duenas
Carrie Wilson
Joshua Marcoux
Steadicam Operators
Geoffrey Haley
Peter Wilke
Digital Loader
Sarah Mather
Digital Imaging Technician
Chris Cavanaugh
Digital Utility Technician
Michael Baier
Aerial DOP
Steve Koster
Script Supervisor
Valeria Migliassi Collins
Sound Mixer
David Husby
Boom Operator
Tysen Schieber
Cable Person
Juniper Watters
Video Assists
Dave Joshi
Jeffery Bjorgum
Chief Lighting Technician
David Tickell
Assistant Chief Lighting Technicians
James Jackson
Jesse Deacon
Chief Rigging Electrician
Jarrod Tiffin
Board Operators
Michael Wilkinson
Ian Gledhill
Erin Nelligan
Tom Watson
Saubrie Mohamed
Aaron Stewart
Martin Lenes
Geoff Preston
Randy J. Smith
First Company Grip
Kim Olsen
Second Company Grips
Dan Gorval
Aaron Wik
First Company Rigging Grip
David McIntosh
Second Company Rigging Grips
Robin Say
Scott Bonner
Peter Pacula
Dolly Grip Operators
Ryan Monro
Jack Cruikshank
Troy Sobotka
Steve Hamilton
Nicholas Dent
Dubin Kim
Mike Dodo
Wesley Grycki
Shane Storozuk
Special Effects Coordinator
Cameron Waldbauer
Special Effects Shop Forepersons
David Benediktson
W.A. Andrew Sculthorp
Andrew Verhoeven
Special Effects Technicians
Brad Zehr
Vincent Scrutton
Randy Parks
Kevin Willis
Glenn Marcoux
Eric Lemay
Jayme Smith
Tevin Maker
Gary Minielly
Andy Smith
Mark Mentiply
Brian Nakazawa
Jim Waldbauer
Special Effects Fabricators
Brandon Allen
Edward Duggan
Marty Huculak
John Pereira
Matthew Sleep
Ryan Bilodeau
Adrian Fisher
Vance Irvine
Bill Plankiw
Tyler Joseph Bilodeau
Richard Hall
Eric Milner
Robert Rockhill
Chris Cooney
Ryan Harms
Colin Palmer
Ron Seida
Special Effects Machinists
Kevin Waldbauer
Damien Gendron
Stephen Machan
Location Manager
Ann Goobie
Assistant Location Managers
Paul Giordano
Rebecca Stephens
Property Masters
Andrew M. Siegel
David Dowling
Assistant Property Masters
Melissa Harrison
Spencer Louti
David Myatt
Josue Rodriguez
Assistant Set Decorator
Michael A. Billings
Set Decorating Coordinator
Eliza Hooker
Set Decorating Buyers
Audra Neil
Sandy Walker
Lead Persons
Steve Miller
Scott Holburn
Gordon Clapp
Andrea Dance
Terry Lewis
Ann Rowley
Dennis Simard
Ray Wohlford
Set Dressers
Katharina Brand
Leah Duhamel
Brian Hughes
Johnny Lopez
James McGill
Keith Potter
Rob Woolcox
Mike Church
Lisle Fehlauer
Paul Jenkinson
Andrei Mahankov
Rick Moore
James Redoy
Ross Wahl
Ken Diamond
Jean-Luc Grenier
Kevin Kasper
David Manske
Graeme Morgan
Shane Wanless
Elena Dresser
Rupert Hancock
Patrick Kearns
Nick Mather
Denyse Nelson
Leah Wiebe
Electronic Props Set Wireperson
Keith Brookes
Electronic Props
John Adams
Simony Bayley
Steve Holland
Don Kazakoff
Graeme Klein
Christian Rayner
Les Wilson
Electronic Props Carpenters
Ken Laderoute
Marco Buttignol
Assistant Costume Designers
Summer Dietz
Irena Stepic-Renduli
Costume Supervisors
Nava R. Sadan
Jim Tyson
Costume Coordinator
Jessica Lythgoe Green
Background Costume Coordinator
Corinne Mameli
Key Costumers
Antonio Almaraz
Dawn Line
Costume Set Supervisors
Susan O'Hara
Lise Hache
Anne Burke
Natasha Gale
Susanne Milka
Amy Schilbe
Pamela Cameron
Silke Guglielmo
Heather Osborne
Sandra Collier
Betsy Glick
Zina Richardson
Lucas Comstock
Lana Krause
Meghann Rogers
Breakdown Artists
Lanny Campbell
Christina Dietterle
James Knight
Ellie Schultz
Samantha Stroman
Bridget Catchpole
Head Cutter
Kieu Nguyen
Head Textile Artist
Rebeka Roberts
Savino Peragine
Nu Quian
Katri Tahvanainen
Romaulda Wnuk
Amy Yang
Patrice Yapp
Costume Illustrators
Phillip Boutte Jr
Christian Cordella
Allan Villanueva
Specialty Costume Fabrication By
Film Illusions, Inc.
Specialty Costume Fabrication Supervisor
Russell Shinkle
Key Makeup Artist
Monica Huppert
Makeup Artists
Rebeccah Delchambre
Meghan Harkness
Hair Department Head
S. Anne Carroll
Alisa MacMillan
Thom McIntyre
Creature Designers
Carlos Huante
Allen Williams
Neville Page
Makeup Effects Artists
Richard Alonzo
Michael Fields
Sarah Graham
Marlow MacFarlane
Geoff Redknap
Werner Pretorius
Leonard MacDonald
Suzie Kilmack
Patricia Murray
Holland Miller
Felix Fox
Maiko Gomyo
Toby Lindala
Charles Poirlier
Frida Norman
Makeup Effects Sculptors
Joey Orosco
Lee Joyner
Matt Rose
John Wrightson
Don Lanning
Marc Opdycke
Mike Rotella
Norman Cabrera
Erick Rodriguez
Miles Teves
Makeup Effects Lab Technicians
Matthew Aebig
Christopher Evitt
Tracy Lai
Shelagh McIvor
Chris Baer
Joshua McCarron
Charles Trent
Steve Buscaino
Bryan Blair
John Halfmann
Jeff LeBlanc
Crissy Renaud
Roland Blancaflor
David Mosher
Pedro Valdez
Rob Hinderstein
Brittney Bolzan
Kyle Huculak
Gilbert Liberto
Amelia Smart
Harry Blom
Alex Noble
AJ Venuto
Tim Ralston
Tegan Colby
Kaylynn Kallweit
Ray Mariathasan
Corinne De Berry
Scotty E. Fields
Johnny Saiko
Caitlin Groves
Khanh Trance
Contact Lenses
Debra Szteina
Cristina Patterson
Marcine Peter
Makeup Effects Coordinators
David Heffler
Cynthia Edner
First Assistant Editors
Laura Yanovich
Meghan L. Noble
Dave Cory
Second Assistant Editors
Jesse Chapman
Tyler Ruocco
Post Production Supervisor
Jessica Parks
Post Production Coordinator
Patrick Correll
Post Production Assistant
Sam Sher
Visual Effects Editor
Craig Smith
Assistant Visual Effects Editors
Britni Peters
Jesse Goldsmith
Second Assistant Visual Effects Editor
Andrew Rivard
Supervising Dialogue & ADR Editor
Daniel S. Irwin
Assistant Supervising Sound Editor
Paul Aulicino, M.P.S.E.
Sound Design
Stephen P. Robinson, M.P.S.E.
Eliot Connors, M.P.S.E.
Sound Effects Editors
Ann Scibelli
Lee Gilmore
Joe Ozuban
Supervising Foley Editor
John Sanacore, CAS, M.P.S.E.
Dialogue Editor
John C. Stuver, M.P.S.E.
ADR Editor
Chris Jargo
ADR Mixers
Tom O'Connell
Adam Smyth
Nick Kray
Jason Oliver
Jeff Gomillion
Mike Greenberg
Wendy Czajkowsky
ADR Recordist
Ryan D. Young
Foley Provided By
One Step Up
Foley Artists
Dan O'Connell, M.P.S.E.
John Cucci, M.P.S.E.
Foley Mixers
James Ashwill
Richard Duarte
Foley Provided By
Skywalker Sound
Foley Artists
David Fein
Andrea Gard
John Roesch
Shelly Roden
Foley Mixer
Scott Curtis
Sound Editorial Services Provided By
Formosa Group
Sound FX Recordist And Librarian
Charlie Campagna
Engineering Support
Donnie Little
David Young
Re-Recording Sound Services Provided By
NBCUniversal Studiopost
Re-Recording Mix Tech
Bill Meadows
Studio Network Engineer
Gary Gorman
Stage Engineers
Dave Bergstrom
Mike Morongell
Dave Tourkow
Loop Group Coordinator
Caitlin McKenna
Production Coordinator
Jason Zorigian
Travel Coordinator
Darron Leiren-Young
Assistant Production Coordinators
Byron Fudge
Jerry Pender
Kim Sutton
Katey Ha
Production Secretaries
Mark MacDonald
Christina Seog
Trevor Johann
Wilson Virkler
Alan Michnoff
Second Assistant Directors
Rhonda Taylor
Ashley Bell
Third Assistant Directors
Ben Cairns
Joel Kennedy
DGC Trainee
Brian Maxwell
Art Directors
Dan Hermansen
Andrew Li
Harry E. Otto
Jeremy Stanbridge
VFX Art Director/Senior Concept Designer
Sean Hargreaves
Art Department/VFX Researcher
Jeanne Jo
Assistant Art Directors
Peter Bodnarus
Mira Caveno
Sean Goojha
Aja Kai Rowley
Travis Witkowski
Art Department Coordinators
Lisa Leung
Jenne Lee
Casting Associate
Yesi Ramirez, CSA
Casting Assistants
Kara Revel-Jarzynski
Jesse Lafferty
Location Casting By
Corinne Clark, CSA
Jennifer Page, CSA
Location Casting Associate
Jessica Cameron
Location Casting Assistant
Marley Poniedzielnik
Background Casting
Andrea Brown
Unit Publicist
Carol McConnaughey
Still Photographer
Kimberley French
Production Accountant
Anne Jacobsen
First Assistant Accountants
Janine Schiro
Michele Lee
Assistant Accountants
Mike Aichholz
Jacqueline Dallamore
Jennifer Giannone
Jodi Mitchell
Suzanne Smith
Dave Wenzel
Payroll Accountants
Sophia Tapia
Selena Ginger
Construction Accountant
Leona Atkinson
Accounting Clerks
Megan Irvine
James Fantin
Janet Lane
Visual Effects Production Supervisors
Kim Doyle
Shelly Lloyd-Samson
Visual Effects Coordinators
Virginia Wilson
Matthew Magnolia
Ilene Kim
James Cochrane
Visual Effects Assistant Coordinator
Marshall Rainey
Visual Effects Production Assistants
Antonia De Barros
Melissa Ng
On-Set Match Mover
Ondrej Kubicek
Visual Effects Data Wranglers
Samuel Kim
Shandy Lashley
Neal Melancon
Visual Effects On-Set Assistant
Andrew Walter McAldon
Flame Artist
Brian Battles
Nuke Artist
Bonjin Byun
Visual Effects/Lidar PA
Veera Ovaska
Visual Effects/Stills PA
Nechteh Apelian
Visual Effects Floor PA
Bellal Anteple
Data Wranglers
Jason Chen
James Dornoff
Witness Camera Operators
Hagen McGill
Kevin McGill
Assistants To Mr. Abrams
Morgan Dameron
Amir Mojarradi
Assistant To Mr. Orci
Katie Chilson
Assistant To Mr. Chernov
Camille Benton
Assistants To Mr. Ellison
Nancy Reid
Christina Dunlop
Assistant To Ms. Goldberg
Ashley Johnson
Assistant To Ms. Weber
Becca Perry
Assistant To Mr. Pine
Erin Fahey
Assistant To Mr. Quinto
Ben Owens
Assistant To Ms. Saldana
Finnley Kirkman
Assistant To Mr. Pegg
Claire Finbow
Assistant To Mr. Elba
Claire Dobner
Production Assistants
Suzie Fox
Victor Matanawi
Magdalena Kaczorowska
Kory Orban
Justin Slade McClain
Michael Hauka
Nicholas Baxter
Kate Landels
Vincent Stander
Wayne Toews
Steve Bors
Drew Martin
Troy Eirich
Nikki Elek
Angel Foisy
Anna McBarron
Scott Riddell
Music Editors
Stephen M. Davis, M.P.S.E.
Paul Rabjohns
Assistant Music Editor
Warren Brown
Music Orchestrated & Conducted By
Tim Simonec
Score Coordinator
Andrea Datzman
Additional Orchestrations By
Jeff Kryka
Music Preparation
Booker White
Orchestra Contractor
Reggie Wilson
Vocal Contractor
Bobbi Page
Music Recorded And Mixed By
Joel Iwataki
Scoring Engineer
Denis St. Amand
Tim Lauber
Scoring Stage Managers
Tom Steel
Damon Tedesco
Pro Tools Engineer
Vincent Cirilli
Music Recorded And Mixed At
Newman Scoring Stage
20th Century Fox
Assistant To Mr. Giacchino
David Coker
Set Designers
Kris Bergthorson
Liz Goldwyn
Jim Ramsay
Bryan Sutton
Rob Woodruff
Nancy Brown
Joe May
Douglas Scott
Callum Webster
John Glenn Burke
Andrew Lee McConnell
Peter Stratford
Joe Wolkosky
Senior Model Builder
Carlos Cosio De La Torre
Model Builder
Joe Parker
Brian Cunningham
Romek Delimata
John Eaves
Warren Flanagan
Hugh Sicotte
Daphne Yap
Milena Zoravkovic
Graphic Artists
Tara Arnett
Loree Cameron
Storyboard Artists
Robert Consing
James Doh
Construction Coordinators
Jan Kobylka
John Dale
Construction Forepersons
Bill Forster
David Fukakusa
Tim Battle
Bob Nicholson
Bruce Timko
Metal Fabrication Foreperson
Eric Langstroth
Head Sculptor
Jack Gauvreau
Construction Buyers
Dan Miller
Mary Van Eeten
Standby Carpenter
Johnny Kobylka
Scenic Carpenters
Brian Jansen
Mark Ennis
Alain Rousseau
Tyler Radonich
Thomas J. Gaudet
Brian Sammartino
Kerry Soames
Marc Giroux
Rodger Schultz
Perry Baycroft
Todd Handel
Paint Coordinator
Jason Claridge
Paint Forepersons
Stephen Coutu
JJ Mestinsek
Standby Painter
Derek Bobroff
Sign Fabricator
Wallace B. Cross
Scenic Artists
Jack Guppy
Karin Kent
Mark Tompkins
Rohan Lyal
Roger Smith
Erich Hepnar
John Chaschowy
Andrew Thompson
Jana Kelly
Matthew Campbell
Hesham Abahmed
Mike Siver
Transportation Coordinator
David Holm
Transportation Captains
Ron Irvine
Caroline O'Bray
Dialogue And Movement Coach
Andrew McIlroy
Political Consultants
Richard Klein, McLarty Associates
Marc Okrand
Brianna Daku
Craft Service
Katie Lawrence
Ron Grey
Catering By
Twice A Night

Second Unit

Second Unit Director
Mike Gunther
Second Unit Director/Visualization Supervisor
Alexander Vegh
First Assistant Directors
Misha Bukowski
Douglas Plasse
Second Assistant Director
Gordon Piper
Third Assistant Director
Beth Welch
Director Of Photography
Robert Bruce McCleery
Camera Operator
Dean Heselden
First Assistant Photographers
Dave Lourie
Chris Gibbins
Triston Nelson
Second Assistant Photographers
Spencer Ennis
Boris Martens
Digital Imaging Technician
Mitch Bax
Digital Utility Technician
Thomas Walker
Script Supervisor
Ana Sebal
Assistant Location Manager
Sean Patrick Finnan
Chief Lighting Technician
David McClung
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
James McMurachy
First Company Grip
Michael McLellan
Second Company Grip
Carl Jensen
Dolly Grips
James Kohne
Lee Wagner
Terri Willan

Dubai Unit

UAE Production Services Provided By
Filmworks FZ LLC
Unit Production Managers
Scott Thaler
Leigh Clarke
Key Second Assistant Director
Heather Wusterbarth
C Camera Operator
Riki Butland
C First Assistant Photographer
Andrea Quaglio
C Second Assistant Photographer
Graham Almeida
Digital Utility Technicians
Saul Barran
William Ferguson
Video Playback Assistant
Ethan Schaeffer
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Andrej Arnatov
Chief Rigging Technician
Simon Cave
Console Operator
Jason McKinnon
First Company Grip
Ian Mussell
Second Company Grip
Boris Olomi
B Dolly Grip Operator
John Balbi
Crane Grips
Claude Fortin
Chris Harker
Special Effects Coordinator
Rodolphe Saleh
Special Effects Technicians
Ceasar Macaya
Mohammed Ali
Supervising Location Manager
Steve Woroniecki
Location Manager
Lyall Gardiner
Assistant Location Managers
Rico Bailey
Rochard Kamel
Gareth Thomas
Robert Bova
Scott MacAuley
Sam Johnston
Nuwan De Zoysa
Simon Riley
Peter Gluck
Kevin Spring
Facilities Manager
Diederick Appelcryn
Base Camp Captains
Kenneth Fletcher
Bheki Shusha
Abrian Witbodi
Property Buyer
Tareq Abukalam
Assistant Set Decorator
Pranali Diwadkar
Set Dressing Buyer
Alice Pargiter
Set Dressers
Reynaldo Bit Bit
Richard Del Rosar
Maxim Molchanov
John Santos
Lindsay Welff
Costume Supervisor
Deborah Zimmerman
Costume Coordinator
Angela Schnoeke-Paasch
Set Costumer
Sean Haley
Lisa Sass
Irma Lotosova
Pradukonaje Jagannatha
Bhagat Pariyar
Production Supervisor
Stephanie Walker-Wells
Production Coordinator
Carole Prentice
VFX Production Coordinator
Bettina Lyster
Travel Coordinators
Oksana Shumylo
Tania Baaklini
Assistant Production Coordinators
Eira Katrine Sletbak
Mayra Garcia
Production Secretary
Kareen Akber
Production Assistants
Kurt Barretto
Amer Abi-Chahine
Andy MacGregor
Camille Van Wessem
Third Assistant Directors
George Trummler
Jimmy Alfred
Art Director
Salim Al Razouk
Assistant Art Director
Uzair Merchant
Background Casting
Miranda Davidson
Production Accountants
John Whitley
Alida Rubens
First Assistant Accountants
Faldela Issel
Kay Di Rezze
Assistant Accountants
Mandy Raubenheimer
Estelle Vockerodt
Christo Streak
Juhlene Moller
Amanda Kotze
Sive Xesha
Deo Stemela
Aerial Coordinator
Khaled Zaazouh
Helicopter Pilots
Andrew Masterson
Andy Nettleton
Drone Pilot
Dionys Frei
Drone Camera Operator
Davide Tiraboschi
Set Designer
Sonia Savova
Construction Coordinator
Brian Shell
Construction Foreperson
Sam McMaster
Construction Buyer
Sandrina Sacco
Transportation Coordinators
Henry Dray
Ailine Harjani
Iraida Villegas
Transportation Captain
Neville O'Souza
Don A. Orolfo
Ian Javellana Balan
Rommel Rodriguez
Julius Cezar C. Ligerio
Deborah C. Cruzada
Wesam Saeed
Catering By
Full Monty Dubai
Government Liaisons
Faisal Al Kaabi
Yousef Al Kaabi
Ali Al Kaabi
Mohammed Al Kaabi
Visual Effects By
Double Negative Visual Effects
Visual Effects Producer
Andy Taylor
Visual Effects Supervisors
Raymond Chen
Sean Stranks
CG Supervisors
Rick Leary
Stuart Farley
Daniel Paulsson
Compositing Supervisors
Ian Z. Simpson
Mike Brazelton
Sebastian Emil Von Overheidt
CG Effects Supervisors
Mark Hodgkins
Shaun Roth
May Leung
Animation Supervisors
Michael Lum
Nick Symons
CG Environment Supervisor
Nick Marshall
Layout Supervisor
Iacopo Di Luigi
CG Sequence Supervisors
Ahmed Yousry
Amanda Johnstone-Batt
Bernhard Kerschbaumer
Joel Prager
Mike Stillwell
Rhys Salcombe
Tom Bracht
Compositing Sequence Supervisors
Abishek Nair
Jelena Stojanovic
Milos Milosevic
Nik Brownlee
Stephen James
Tom Rolfe
Visual Effects Associate Producer
Katrina Navassartian
Visual Effects Production Manager
Sara Khangaroot
Visual Effects RPM Production Manager
Vivek Pundir
Visual Effects Line Producers
EE Jien Chan
Genevieve Claire
Jeen Yee
Katy Mummery
Raphael Fernandes
Rosie Mennear
Sharna Hackett
Valdone Koronczi
Visual Effects Coordinators
Ashleigh Yu
Max Rees
Ryan Basaraba
Austin Aplin
Nicole Nonis
Saadd Abou-Khazaal
Carine Ong
Richard Leo Cook
Shoshanah Wall
Visual Effects Production Assistant
Alice Cicchetti
Production Support
Fay Hancocks
On-Set Data Wrangler
Ellie Chiang
Concept Artists
Dave Freeman
Seungjin Woo
Build Leads
Andreas Maaninka
Jeremy Mooney-Somers
Michael Smith-Kennard
Christoph Matthiesen
Malcolm Watts
Mladen Jovicic
Hae Jung Chun
Marco Menco
Tosh Elliott
Build Artists
Adam Elkins
Daniel Nicholson
Derek Gillingham
Jan Schubert
Michael Prince
Phil Young
Shinichi Rembutsu
Anna Yamazoe
Daniel Prentice
Francisco Alvarez
Katerina Dzolganovski
Neil West
Samira Esmaeili
Steven Chan
Babak Bina
Daniele Chindamo
Gregory Coelho
Luke Wakeford
Olivier Dubard
Sara Hansen
Steven Moore
Jim Su
Remi Cauzio
Layout Leads
Kristin Pratt
Robert Brumby
Tom-Lilly Burton
Layout Artists
Alex Macieira
Carolina Jimenez Garcia
Digger Jensen
Lawrence Zalasky
Melvyn Polayah
Nick Smolyn
Sandra Murta
Zsuzsanna Erdei
Animation Leads
Jeremy Stewart
Stephen Painter
Adam Slater
Alexander Melville
Aysha Madina
Ben Goerlach
Benjamin Kousholt
Benoit Terminet Schuppon
Evan Clover
Francois-Xavier Nhieu
Justin Henton
Matthew Boston
Nigel Rafter
Suvi Jokiniemi
CG Effects Leads
Enrico Selmi
Jordan Walsh
Mattias Engstrom
Menno Dijkstra
Michael Cashmore
Adam Vanner
Aleksandar Chalyovski
Anton Nazareth
Carlos Guzman
Chaitanya Medithi
Chris Mangnall
Christopher Phillips
David Hyde
Dimitrijs Cernagovs
Eduard Schulze-Battmann
Felix Chan
Frederick B. Vega
Gavin Thomas
Hector Ortiz-Mena
James Charles
Joe Phoebus
Kaushik Pal
Keyhyung Lee
Markus Bruland
Matt Sadler
Matthew Pearson
Muhittin Bilginer
Nicholas Papworth
Pablo Gimenez
Roberto Domeneghini
Tim Jones
Timo-Pekko Nieminen
Tosin Akinwoye
Valerio Tarricone
Vladimir Popovic
Zhaoxin Ye
CG Leads
Anthony Chadwick
Chris Elmer
Graham Houston
John Seru
Kai Pedersen
Keanan Sean Cantrell
Russell Bowen
Sean Schur
Shaun Scott
Sonny Sy
Stephen Borneman
Yak Hong Yung
CG Lighting Artists
Alex John Tan
Alice Miggiano
Baptiste Lebouc
Chris Arnott
Chris Walker
Christopher James Ford
Damien Delaunay
Emily Yang
Fitra Nagara
James Roberts
James Tomlinson
Jason Hue
John Lipskie
Marc Toscano
Mark Harrison
Matthieu Floury
Nicolas Fillion
Ouirich Bounthavy
Philip Hartmann
Robert Hennings
Roger Tortosa Aras
Ryan Woodward
Sam Gunn
Sotiris Georghiou
Yanti Suryati
CG Environment Leads
Melaina Mace
Oleksiy Golovchenko
CG Environments Artists
Alec Geldart
Alejandro Hernandez
Paul Fedor
Paul Rodgers
Raymond Lei Jin
Robin Konieczny
Romain Joly
Romain Simonnet
Tom Hiebler
Compositing Leads
Ben Taylor
Ciaran O'Connor
Cleve Zhu
Eric Chan
Farhad Mohasseb
Francesco Dell'Anna
Joel Delle-Vergin
Kunal Chindarkar
Nicolas Rigaud
Po Yan Chan
Remko Kram
Tony Lyons
Vikram Kulkarni
Adam Kelway
Alan Stucchi
Alvaro Bataller
Angie Valadez
Ben Outerbridge
Chad Meire
Daniel Bigaj
Danny Lee
Djordje Milasinovic
Eric Ponton
Fangfei Li
Gabriel Mandala
Gautama Murcho
Hayley Brazelton
Ignacio Caicoya
Joshua Goetz
Juan Salazar
Jules Lister
Kamelia Chabane
Kazumasa Shibata
Kris Anderson
Lia Ioanniti
Mag Sarnowska
Manuel Perez
Marco Engelmann Santos
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Alex Hurst
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Weikian Ang
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Dax Chew
Kathir Manickam
Kenzo Tee
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Daniel Ryan
Moises Gomez
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Zechari Lye
Lynn Tan
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Mike Hill
Sam Horgan
Shane Meehan
Sourav Thakkar
William Dao
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Jai Prakash Parmar
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Jack Jenkins
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Tim Tobin
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Amol Wategadnkar
Shraddah Kate
A Srihari Reddy
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Catarina Ferreira
Chacko Philip
Megan Hutchison
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Bobby Kuhl
Wanda Kwok
Therese Johansson
Sanjoy Biswas
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Leanne Young
James Fisher
Joseph Farrant
Tarn Huynh
Xinyi Puah
Aurora Shannon
Colour Scientist
Jerome Dewhurst
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Andrew Palmer
Jacob Telleen
Pipeline Lead
Robert John Davies
Render Lead
Makoto Tanaka
Pipeline Support
Carlos Garcia
Craig Bates
Jamie Tomlinson
Josh Huitema
Timothy Stam
Yi-Min Fan
Head Of Studio
Pete Hanson
Studio Assistants
Ian Berg
Joe Shrestha
Technology Support
Robert Blanchfield
Russell Knight
Stephen F. Willey
R&D Supervisor
Andrew Bunday
R&D Support
Christopher Kerr
Emmanuel Turquin
Jonathan Stroud
Visual Effects By
Atomic Fiction, Inc.
Visual Effects Supervisors
Ryan Thudhope
Kevin Bailie
Digital Effects Supervisor
Jonathan Harman
Additional Supervisors
Jim Gibbs
Mike Janov
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Marc Sadeghi
Visual Effects Producers
Annie Normandin
Jenna Kerr
Associate Visual Effects Producer
Dale Taylor
Art Director
Brian Flora
Compositing Supervisor
Woei Hsi Lee
CG Supervisor
Laurent Taillefer
Environment Supervisor
Seth Hill
Production Manager
Alexandra Gunter
Visual Effects Coordinators
Marie-Eve Baron
Lucas Glashoff
Jacqueline Hagerty
Lea Irlanda
Soujanya Pentyala
Alizee Plourde
Barbara Lopez Saenz
Visual Effects Production Assistants
Alex Carruthers
Peter Luypaert
Production Support
Elexis Coleman
Geraldine Morales
Concept Artist
Marc Gabbana
CG Animators
Adam Klein
Julie Jaros
Mike Dacko
3D Generalists
Alexandre Robitaille
Jonathan Fleming-Bock
Benoit Bourgoin
Textures Lead
Seth Cobb
Texture Artists
Manuel Huertas
Melissa Boily
Matte Painters
Daniel Giron
Sean Samuels
Simon Hetu
Olivier Deveux
Look Development Artists
Seth Cobb
Jonathan Fleming-Bock
Brian Fukushima
Jason Funk
Mike Song
Michael Palleschi
Robin Lamontagne
Nicolas Duchesneau-Tsimiklis
Melanie Sauve
Lightning Lead
Bruno Gagne
Kevin Couture
Jason Funk
Biaglio Figliuzzi
Brian Fukushima
Kate McFadden
Francisco Robles
Deb Santosa
Nico Sanghrajka
Adam Klein
Casey Dame
FX Lead
James Kirk
FX Artists
Guillaume Duchaussoy
Maxime Beliveau
Christine Liu
Todd Dufour
Mike Huang
Compositing Leads
Viviane Levesque-Bouchard
Jed Smith
Jason Arrieta
Michael Baula
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Matthew Duvall
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David Ferron
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Jimmy Lavallee
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Patrick Louie
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Sean O'Connor
Prashant Raj
Andres Rascon
Sandra Roach
Laurent Srey
Marc Taganas
Adam Tamel
Antoine Wibaut
Sarah Young
Roto Artists
Kate Black
Christiane Caya
Sarah Kfoury
Tirza Oudolf
Annie Patenaude
Match Move Supervisors
Jesse Kin
Kenny Yong
Match Move Artists
Chen Kuang Hsu
Guillaune Charron
James Tavet
Senior Visual Effects Editor
Ayse Dedeoglu Arkali
Visual Effects Assistant Editors
Leo-Patrick Houde
Robin Lamontagne
Erick Leos
Cindy Lin
Render Wranglers
Jonathan Llewellyn
Nicholas Duchesneau-Tsimiklis
Pipeline Leads
Chris Martin
Marc-Antoine Paquin
Pipeline TDS
Will Muto
Amber Playle
Senior Systems Engineer
Shawn Wallbridge
Systems Engineers
Patrick Cardin
Sean Whitacre
Senior Staff
Russ Dube
Carl Walters
Marc Ostroff
Penny Peroff
Visual Effects By
Kelvin Optical, Inc.
Visual Effects Producer
Chrysta Marie Burton
Visual Effects Supervisors
Pauline Duvall
Stefano Trivelli
Compositing Supervisor
John Bowers
CG Supervisor
Gee Yeung
Art Director
Nick Hiatt
Lighting Supervisor
JT Lawrence
Animation Lead
John Kim
FX Lead
Youxi Woo
Previs Supervisor
Christopher Batty
Consulting Visual Effects Supervisor
Luke McDonald
Heads Of Production
Cory Bennett Lewis
Michael Silver
Visual Effects Production Manager
Jessica Smith
Visual Effects Coordinators
Ali Lowndes
Diane Coote
Assistant Visual Effects Editor
Kristofer Cross
Assistant Visual Effects Coordinator
John Hockaday
Production Assistant
Eboni Price
Digital Artists
Andrew Kramer
Brady Doyle
Brandon Kachel
Brandon Fayette
Brock Stearn
Curtis Carlson
David Sudd
Daniel Bayona
Daniel Fiske
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Nathaniel Morgan
Noll Linsangan
Roger Vizard
Soyoun Lee
Stephen Dobbs
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Victoria Livingstone
Wade Ivy
Wally Chin
Zach Miller
Production And Technical Support
Josh Tate
Holly Gosnell
Sam Chapin
Ron Mednick
Andrew Lee
Sal Sciortino
Beth Waisler
Geoff Miller
John Sadad
Adam Goldman
Scott Struna
Zachary Medow
Mike Doutt
Tom Mendelboim
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Manuel Almelo
Nicholas Barnes
Olivier Blanchet
Jonathan Chad
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Adam O'Brien-Locke
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Tolly Swallow
Fabrice Vienne
Tiffany Wu
Visualization Services Provided By
Proof, Inc.
Previs Supervisor
Earl Hibbert
Previs/Postvis Lead
George Antzoulides
Previs/Postvis Modeler
Shahar Eldar
Previs Modeler
Cameron L. Ward
Postvis Compositors
Nathan Koga
Jonathon Randall Cormier
Raul Moreno
Gil Hacco
Previs/Postvis Artists
Jordan Nounnan
Joshua Lange
Michael Solorzano
Ingo Gundmunsson
Ranko Tadic
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Mark Anthony Austin
Michael Grawert
Cameron Widen
C. Michael Neely
Michael Cawood
Eric Benedict
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Javier Zumaeta
Kyoung Kay Park
Matthew Maners
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Ryan Schubert
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Tom Narey, Jr.
David Pritchard
Computer Graphics By
G. Creative Productions Inc.
Gladys Tong
Paul Beaudry
Cameron Drinkle
Jamie McCallen
Ryan Uhrich
Aiden Zanini
Lidar & Cyberscanning Services By
Industrial Pixel VFX
Ron Bedard
Carl Bigelow
Alex Shvartzman
Kristian Davidson
3D Conversion By
Stereo D
Stereo Executive Producers
William Sherak
Aaron Parry
Mike Gunter
Brian Taber
Stereo Producer
Alexandra Gonzalez
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Jeremy Carroll
Prateek Kaushal
Brad Darrow
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Vincent Defebo
Ryan Fisk
Depth Supervisor
Roy Vincent Mann
Finaling Supervisors
Prasanna Kodapadi
Gokul Nivrutti Mahajan
Brian Schultz
Roto Supervisor
Daniel Schrepf
VP Of International Production Services
Prafull Gade
VP Of 3D Technology
Nizar Thabet
VP Of Conversion, VFX
Adam Schardein
VP Of Business Planning
Evan Jackson
Stereoscopic Post Executive
Milton Adamou
Post Production Manager
Derek Prusak
Line Producers
Chris Treichel
Krishna Prasad
Creative Services Manager
Lindsey Kaiser
Asset Producer
Michael Anders
Stereo Editor
Emily Mason
Finaling Managers
Rebecca Kramp
R Parthasarathy
Production Pipeline Manager
Cindy Rago
Depth Managers
Jessica Sharp
Ravi Mahapatro Siromani
Roto Managers
Matthew Gill
Akbar Shaikh
Operations Manager
Rajaram Sundaresan
Software Development Manager
Jill Isner
Production Coordinators
Louis Polak
Ellis Trespalacios
Karen Therese Connolly
Steve Stransman
Noelle Cyr
Luke Stabile
Catherine Ennis
Depth Leads
Rahul Nitin Mhatre
Tripti Agarwala
Himanshu Hemendra Pathak
Shivsharan Manshetti
Narish Kumar Muthain Naidu
Chandrasekhar Gunjal
Nitin Vasant Khairnar
Umesh Joglekar
Sr. Depth Artists
Connor Cruickshank
Anastasia Watson
Andrew Farlow
Mark McCormack-Douglas
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Maggie Balaco
Somnath Kakulde
Bharat Sharma
Tushar Tirmal
Saurabh Rajpoot
Divesh Vishwakarma
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Mukesh Rathoo
Ramkrishna Bajpai
Finaling Leads
Vivek Kumar Singh
Hitesh Kumar Pardeshi
Om G Kangone
Suhas Ps
Ghanshyam Sureshbhai Waghela
Thailraju Shri Bindu Madhav
Yael Majors
Sr. Finaling Artists
Mathieu Bacchous
Steve Kaelin
International Production
Ranjan Kumar
Eswarbabu Kolla
Prabhat Mishra
Ankit Rathod
Monalisa Shattacharya
Prasad Shrikanth Karve
Rohit Suresh
Payal Thakkar
Umesh Patil
Amit Ghildiyal
Pankaj Kumar Singh
Manesh Mohite
3D Technology Managers
Val Dela Rosa
Mike Knox
Pipeline Supervisor
Chris Montesano
Pipeline TDS
Rustin Devendorf
Andrew Kennedy
Finaling QC Lead
Chris Myerchin
Final QC Artist
Jeremy Jones
Element QC Supervisor
Les Foor
Rebecca Andersen
Leila Tilghman
Jake Dee-McKoy
Kisholay Ray
Element QC Coordinators
Cara Hindley
Kyle Whaley
Sr. Element QC Artist
Josh Gengler
Element QC Artists
David O'Brien
Terry Klopfenstein
Carlos Alfaro
Digital Intermediate By
Supervising Digital Colorist
Tom Reiser
Digital Intermediate Producer
Vanessa Galvez
Digital Intermediate Editor
Amy Pawlowski
Digital Intermediate Color Assist
Andre Rivas
Digital Intermediate Assistant Producer
Hunter Clancey
Imaging Science
Daniel Morez
Rosalie Staley
VFX Portal Producer
Jeremy Stapleton
Digital Dailies By
Dailies Colorist
John Hart
Senior Dailies Producer
Ken Lebre
Main Titles Designed By
Prologue Films
End Titles By
Scarlet Letters
Ben Schoen
Josh Schoen
Soundtrack Album On
Varése Sarabande


Theme From "Star Trek" TV Series
Written By Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry
"Fight the Power"
Written By Carlton Ridenhour, Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee & Eric Sadler
Performed By Public Enemy
Courtesy Of Def Jam Recordings
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises
Written By Adam Keefe Horovitz, Adam Nathaniel Yauch & Michael Louis Diamonds
Performed By Beastie Boys
Courtesy Of Capital Records, LLC
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises
Written By Sia Furler, Jesse Shatkin & Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Produced By Jesse Shatkin
Performed By Rihanna
Courtesy Of Westbury Road Entertainment, LLC/Roc Nation
Filmed Partially On Location With The Permission Of The
Parks Canada Agency, In Nahanni National Park Reserve Of Canada
Filmed In
Stawamus Chief Park, British Columbia, Canada
The Producers Wish To Thank The Following
Canada Film Capital
Daniel C. Carlson
Harry Doddema
Special Thanks To
Jamal Al Sharif
Saeed Al Janahi
Fiona Garland
Rana Osman
Ruqaya Ahmed
Phil Alberstat
Khalid Al Awadi
Burj Al Arab
Burj Daman
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Dubai Civil Defense
Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services
Dubai Ministry Of Defense
Dubai Civil Aviation
Dubai Roads And Transport Authority
Dubai Customs
Dubai Media Office
Tecom Group
Dubai Municipality
Dubai Land Authority
Paramount Pictures Corporation Did Not Receive Any Payment
Or Other Consideration, Or Enter Into Any Agreements,
For The Depiction Of Tobacco Products In This Film.
Kodak Motion Picture Film
Cameras By Otto Nemenz
Dolby Atmos
Filmed With Arri Cameras And Lenses
With The Support Of The Dubai Film And TV Commission
EXPO 2020
Dubai Film And TV Commission
Dubai Studio City
Dubai Film
With The Participation Of
The Province Of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit
The Canadian Film Production Services Tax Credit
Funded By The Government Of Canada
Produced In Association With
Perfect Storm Entertainment
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