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List of credits as presented in the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Opening credits[]

Also Starring
Special Appearance
Executive Consultant
Music Composed By
Associate Producer
Edited by
Art Director
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Based on Star Trek Created by
Written and Produced by
Directed by

Closing credits[]

Also Starring
And as Spock
Unit Production Manager
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
  • Ken Stringer
Costumes Designed by
Camera Operator
First Assistant Cameraman
  • Robert A. Torres
Second Assistant Cameraman
  • Alfredo R. Sepulveda
Second Camera Operator
  • Michael Scott, SOC
Second Assistant, Second Camera
  • Norman E. Parker
Sound Mixer
Boom Operator
  • Raul A. Bruce
  • Jack Wolpa
Men's Wardrobe Supervisor
Women's Wardrobe Supervisor
Special Makeup Appliances, Created by
Makeup Artists
Additional Hairstylists
Script Supervisor
Chief Lighting Technician
  • Norm Glasser
Best Boys
Key Grip
  • Dennis Harper
Second Company Grip
  • Clarence Ebert
Dolly Grips
  • Jon Falkengren
  • Tom Sawyer
Set Decorator
Property Master
Assistant Property
  • Ronald E. Greenwood
Lead Man
  • Jerry Kobold
Swing Gang
Special Effects Supervisor
Special Effects
Construction Coordinator
  • Lynn Price
Construction Foreman
  • Scott Goodale
Paint Foreman
Standby Painter
  • Dennis C. Ivanjack
Set Designers
  • Cameron Birnie
  • Blake Russell
Transportation Coordinator
  • Robert D. Mayne
Transportation Captain
  • Lynn Harman
Craft Services
  • Robert Morgan
Unit Publicist
  • Ed Pine
Still Photographer
  • John Shannon
Assistant Film Editors
  • Martin X. Chielens
  • John A. Hagger
Color Timers
  • Terry P. Haggar
  • Bob Noland
Supervising Sound Editors
Sound Effects Editors
  • John Leveque
  • Paul Bruce Richardson
  • Jack Woods
ADR Editors
  • Sean Hanley
  • Ron Horwitz
Foley Editor
  • Pamela Bentkowski
Foley by
  • Dan O'Connell
  • Ellen Heuer
Assistant Editors
  • Danniel F. Finnerty
  • Bruce D. Fortune
Special Sound Effects by
Additional Sound Effects
  • Sprocket Systems
    • Randy Thom
    • Tom Johnson
Music Editor
  • Greig Mc Ritchie
Music Scoring Mixer
Re-Recording Mixers
Technical Advisor
  • Dr. Richard H. Green
Alien Language Created by
Assistant to Mr. Shoenbrun
Directors Guild of America Trainee
  • Cynthia Riddle
Dialogue Coach
Assistant Choreographer
  • Barbara Arms
Voice-Over Casting
Assistant to Mr. Bennett
  • Sylvia Rubinstein
Assistant to Mr. Nimoy
Production Assistant
Special Visual Effects, Produced at
Supervisor of Visual Effects
Visual Effects Art Directors
Optical Photography Supervisor
  • Kenneth F. Smith
Visual Effects Cameraman
Assistant Cameramen
Optical Camera Operators
  • James Lim
  • Donald Clark
Optical Line-Up
  • Ralph Gordon
  • David Berry
General Manager, ILM
Production Supervisor
  • Warren Franklin
Production Coordinator
  • Laurie Vermont
Supervising Modelmaker
Additional Spacecraft Design
Model Makers
Creature Supervisor
Matte Painting Supervisor
Matte Artist
Matte Camera Supervisor
Animation Supervisor
  • Charles Mullen
Effects Animators
Chief Visual Effects Editor
  • Bill Kimberlin
Visual Effects Editor
  • Jay Ignaszewski
Miniature Pyrotechnics and Fire Effects
  • Ted Moehnke
Stage Technicians
  • ILM Stage Crew
Still Photography Supervisor
  • Terry Chostner
Equipment Engineering Supervisor
  • Michael MacKenzie
Video Playback and Displays by
  • The Burbank Studios
Video Supervisor
  • Hal Landaker
Chief Engineer
  • Alan Landaker
Video Coordinator
  • Rick Whitfield
Instrumentation Displays, Computer Animation by
  • Symbolics, Inc., Graphics Division
  • Omnibus Video, Inc.
  • Strayframes
Casting by
The Merchantship
The Klingons
USS Grissom
The Bar
The Excelsior
The Vulcans
Stunt Double for William Shatner
Stunt Double for Christopher Lloyd
Stunt Coordinators
Additional Optical Effects by
Wardrobe Accessories
  • Hollywood Armor
Special Thanks to
  • United States Marine Corp. – Air / Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms, California
Theme from Star Trek Television Series
"Genesis Project" by
"I Remember You" by
  • Johnny Mercer & Victor Schertzinger
"That Old Black Magic" by
"Tangerine" by
  • Johnny Mercer & Victor Schertzinger
Filmed in
Sound by
  • Glen Glenn Sound
Color by
  • Movielab
In Association with
  • Cinema Group Venture
Original Soundtrack Album Available on
  • Capitol Records and XDR™ cassettes