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List of credits as presented in the film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Opening credits[]

Also Starring
Executive Consultant
Music by
Edited by
Production Designer
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Based on Star Trek Created by
Story by
Screenplay by
Produced by
Directed by

Closing credits[]

Starfleet Personnel
In Old San Francisco
Naval Personnel
Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Double for William Shatner
Stunt Double for Leonard Nimoy
Unit Production Manager
First Assistant Directors
Second Assistant Director
Visual Effects Supervisor
Associate Producers
Casting by
Casting Administrator
Camera Operator
  • Keith Peterman
First Assistant Photographer
  • Kenneth Nishino
Second Assistant Photographer
  • Jay Peterman
Sound Mixer
Boom Operator
  • Steven G. Cantamessa
Special Effects Supervisor
  • Michael Lantieri
Special Effects
  • Clay Pinney
  • Brian Tipton
  • Don Elliott
  • Robert Spurlock
  • Tim Moran
Costumes Designed by
Men's Wardrobe Supervisors
Men's Wardrobe
Women's Wardrobe
  • Mary Etta Lang
Makeup Artists
Additional Hairstylists
Script Supervisor
Chief Lighting Technician
  • Kal Manning
Assistant Chief Lighting Technicians
First Company Grip
  • Calvin Sterry
Second Company Grips
Dolly Grip
  • Richard Dow
Set Decorator
Property Master
  • Ron Greenwood
Assistant Property Master
  • Kaye Trapp
Lead Person
Property Persons
Construction Coordinator
  • Dick Bayard
Construction Foreperson
  • John H. Matheson
Paint Foreperson
Standby Painter
  • Jerry Gadette
Art Directors
Assistant Art Directors
Set Designers
  • Dan Gluck
  • James Bayliss
  • Richard Berger
Location Managers
  • Michael Mann
  • Michael Meehan
Transportation Coordinator
Transportation Captain
  • Ray McLaughlin
Craft Services
  • Tom Jones
Unit Publicist
  • Andrew Lipshultz
Still Photographer
  • Bruce Birmelin
Assistant Film Editors
Negative Cutting by
  • Reel People, Inc.
Color Timer
  • Bob Raring
Title Design by
Sound Effects by
Sound Effects Editors
  • David Stone, MPSE
  • Michael J. Benavente
  • Warren Hamilton, MPSE
  • Stephen Flick, MPSE
Special Sound Effects
Foley Editors
  • Solange Schwalbe
  • Tim Mangini
Foley by
  • Dan O'Connell
  • Ellen Heuer
ADR Editor
  • Nick Korda
Assistant Editors
Sound Effects Recordist
  • Doug Hemphill
Supervising Music Editor
Music Editor
  • David Marshall
Additional Music Score by
Music Scoring Mixer
  • Record Plant Scoring
Re-recording Mixers
Underwater Director of Photography
  • Jack Cooperman, ASC
Production Coordinator
  • Gina Neilson
Production Auditor
  • Robert Cecil Thorson
Assistant Production Auditor
  • John R. Craig
DGA Trainee
Voice Casting
Assistant to Mr. Nimoy
  • Ori Seron
Assistants to Mr. Bennett
  • Sylvia Rubinstein
  • Brigette Roux-Lough
Assistant to Mr. Winter
  • Rebeca R. Brookshire
Assistant to Mr. Roddenberry
Production Assistants
  • Susan Smith
  • Kevin F. Barry
Visual Effects Produced at
Effects Director of Photography
  • Don Dow
Visual Effects Art Director
Optical Supervisor
  • Ralph Gordon
Whale Design & Project Supervisor
Visual Effects Editor
  • Mike Gleason
Matte Painting Supervisor
Model Shop Supervisor
Animation Supervisor
  • Ellen Lichtwardt
General Manager, ILM
  • Warren Franklin
Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Erik Jensen
Production Manager, ILM
  • Ed Hirsch
Storyboard Artist
  • John Bell
Cameraman Operators
  • Selwyn Eddy III
  • John V. Fante
  • Peter Daulton
  • Toby Heindel
  • Pat Sweeney
Assistant Camerapersons
Optical Camera Operators
  • Don Clark
  • Dave McCue
  • Jim Hagedorn
Optical Lineup
  • Peg Hunter
  • Bruce Vecchitto
Optical Coordinator
  • Lori J. Nelson
Lab Technicians
  • Tim Geideman
  • Todd Heindel
Whale Mold Supervisor
Whale Mechanical Designer
  • Rick Anderson
Whale Operators/Puppeteers
Underwater Whale Photography
  • Pete Romano
Assistant Effects Editor
  • Terry Peck
Matte Photography Supervisor
Matte Artists
  • Frank Ordaz
  • Caroleen Green
  • Sean Joyce
Matte Photography
  • Randy Johnson
Chief Modelmaker
  • Eric Christensen
  • Paul Kraus
Animation Camera Operators
  • Bruce Walters
  • Jay Riddle
Rotoscope Artist
  • Ellen Ferguson
Visual Consultant
  • Bob Finley, Jr.
Stage Technicians
Production Assistant
  • Ned Gorman
Time Travel
Creatures Created by
  • Richard Snell Designs
    • Dale Brady
    • Craig Caton
    • Allen Feuerstein
    • Shannon Shea
    • Brian Wade
    • Nancy Nimoy
Computer Animation and Tactical Displays
Video Supervisor
  • Hal Landaker
Chief Engineer
  • Alan Landaker
Process Coordinator
Theme from Star Trek Television Series
Genesis Project by
I Hate You
Original Soundtrack Album Available on
The Producers extend special thanks to
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California
  • Humpback Whale Sounds, Courtesy of Roger Payne and New York Zoological Society
  • Mark Ferrari and Debbie Glockner-Ferrari of the Humpback Whale Fund
  • Howard Weinstein
  • Nabisco
  • Apple Computer Company
  • Roy Danchick
The Producer also gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the Department of the Navy and the department of Defense and the following individuals
  • RAdm Charles Reynolds McGrail
  • Capt. Walter Davis
  • Lt. Sandra Stairs
  • Lt. Lee Saunders
  • Mr. John Horton
And the Officers and Men of
  • USS Ranger
  • Marine Detachment, USS Ranger
  • US Coast Guard, Long Beach
  • US Coast Guard, San Francisco
Additional Optical Effects by
Sound by
  • Todd-AO/Glen Glenn Studios
Color by
  • Technicolor
Filmed in
Co-Produced by