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List of credits as presented in the film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Opening credits[]

Also starring
Executive Consultant
Music by
Costumes designed by
Edited by
Production Designer
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Based on Star Trek Created by
Story by
Screenplay by
Produced by
Directed by

Closing credits[]

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Double for William Shatner
Stunt Double for Leonard Nimoy
High Fall Stunt
Unit Production Manager, Co-Producer
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Directors
Associate Producer
Casting by
Art Director
Visual Effects by
Camera Operators
First Assistant Photographers
  • Kenneth Nishino
  • Dick Meinardus
Second Assistant Photographers
  • Dennis B. Seawright
  • Jeffrey S. Thorin
Sound Mixer
  • David Ronne, CAS
Boom Operator
  • John Schuyler
Utility Sound Technician
  • Stewart D. McDonald, Jr.
Special Effects Supervisor
  • Michael L. Wood
Special Effects Assistant
  • Mike Edmonson
Costume Supervisor
Men's Wardrobe
Women's Wardrobe
  • Sue Moore
Makeup Artists
Special Make-Up Designed by
Special Make-Up Artists
Klingon and Vulcan Prosthetics by
  • Richard Snell Make-Up Designs
Script Supervisor
  • Marion Tumen
Chief Lighting Technician
  • Donald O. Nygren
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • Richard Hartley
First Company Grip
  • Carmon H. Howell
Second Company Grip
  • Burton Lindemoen
Dolly Grip
  • Jon A. Falkengren
Set Decorator
Assistant Art Directors
Set Designers
Scenic Artists
Lead Person
Property Masters
  • Don Hulett
  • Kurt V. Hulett
Construction Coordinator
  • Richard J. Bayard
Construction Foreperson
  • John Matheson
Paint Foreperson
  • Gary A. Clark
Production Painter
  • James H. Betts
Computer Animation and Tactical Display
  • Novocom, Inc.
    • Jim Gerken
    • Linda Miller
    • Jeff McGrath
    • Joe Dubbs
Location Manager
  • Michael Mann
Transportation Coordinator
  • Raymond A. McLaughlin
Transportation Captain
  • Gaston Veilleux
Craft Services
  • Thomas B. Jones
Unit Publicist
Still Photographer
  • Bruce Birmelin
Assistant Film Editors
Apprentice Film Editor
  • Christopher E. Bennett
Negative Cutting by
  • Reel People, Inc.
Color Timer
  • Bob Raring
Sound Effects by
Special Sound Effects
Sound Effects Editors
Foley Editors
  • Ron Bartlett
  • Solange Schwalbe Boisseau
Foley Artists
Foley Mixer
  • Gregory J. Curda
ADR Editors
  • Andrew Patterson
  • Bill Voigtlander
Assistant Sound Editors
  • Sonny Pettijohn
  • Destiny Borden
  • Angie Luckey
Sound Effects Recordists
  • Ken Johnson
  • David Moreno
Re-Recording Mixers
  • Scott Austin
  • J.D. Ward
Klingon Dialogue Consultant
Music Editor
  • Ken Hall
Music Scoring Mixer
  • Bruce Botnick
Music Recorded at
  • Record Plant Scoring
Production Coordinator
  • Valerie Mickaelian Kucera
Production Auditor
  • Don Petrie
Assistant Production Auditors
  • Tony Criscione
  • Marie Elder
DGA Trainee
  • Paul F. Schlichting
Assistants to Mr. Shatner
  • Eva Marie Friedrick
  • Mary Jo Fernandez
Assistant to Mr. Bennett
Secretary to Mr. Bennett
  • Kimberly Boyle
Assistant to Mr. Winter
  • Rebeca R. Brookshire
Assistant to Mr. Roddenberry
Production Assistants
  • Judy Biggs
  • Wendell Johnson
  • Deborah L. Campbell
  • James Collins
Voice Casting by
Yosemite Climbing Sequence Provided by
  • Denali Productions, Inc.
Directed by
  • Stephen J. Ross
Climbing Double for William Shatner
  • Jim Evans
Production Assistant
  • Susan McCrae
First Assistant Climbing Photographer
  • Rob Sweeney
Technical Advisors
  • Dale Bard
  • Michael Weis
Stunt Riggers
Climbing Riggers
  • Paul Sibley
  • Werner Braun
  • Jim Bridwell
  • Bill Russell
  • Sean Plunkett
  • Steven Haire
  • Nadim Melkonian
  • Troy Johnson
  • Walter Shipley
  • Dean Miller
Camera Operators
  • Joe Valentine
  • Bill Killey
Assistant Photographers
  • Bob Stradling
  • Lex Dupont
  • Tom DuPont
Highest Descender Fall Recorded in the United States
Special Visual Effects Produced by
Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Eric Angelson
General Manager
  • James Shelly
Assistant Producer
  • Patricia Barry
Purchasing Agent
  • Susan Le Ber
Assistant to Mr. Ferren
  • Susan Coursey
Live Action Effects Unit[]
  • Tom Weston
  • Frost Wilkinson
Cameraman Operator
  • Phil Gosiewski
Assistant Photographer
  • Bruce Vaughn
Mechanical Engineering
  • Ken Wisner
Mechanical Fabrication
  • Phil Cullum
  • Bob Kohut
Electrical Engineering
  • Paul Jordan
  • Eric Stich
  • Seth Nathanson
Electrical Technicians
  • John Frith
  • Bob Francis
  • Miles Ambrose
Special Projects Supervisor
  • Clint Hope
Computer Engineering
  • Otto Leichliter
  • Ron Webster
  • Nick Baum
Equipment Manager
  • Chester Hartwell
Film Librarian
  • Kinnereth Ellentuck
Process Projection Support
  • Alan D. Webb
Model Unit[]
Motion Control & Animation Supervisor
  • Peter Wallach
Motion Control & Animation Producer
  • Edward Lee Rapp
Model Photography Design and Lighting
Senior Motion Control Photographer
  • Jack Riedel
Motion Control Camera Operator
  • Robert Lyons
Production Executive
  • Michael Faerman
Model Unit Manager
  • Rachel A. Drapkin
Motion Control Stage Manager
  • Peterson Tooke
Model Unit Coordinator
  • Paul Michael Clemente
Senior Model Maker
  • David V. Mei
Model Maker
  • Michael Tabacco
Assistant Model Wrangler
  • Valentine Vignes
  • Daniel Nauke
Chief Lighting Technicians
  • John Gaeta
  • Michael Gerzevitz
Set Construction
  • Michael Kellough
Motion Control Support
  • Thomas Quinn
  • Eric Moore
Optical Coordinator
  • Noel Sheinberg
2-D Supervisor
  • Susan Tremblay
Animation Stand Camera Operators
  • David Drapkin
  • David Bruce
2-D Artists
  • Maria Konwicka
  • Veronica E. Lesser
  • Liz Wassel
Decals and Graphics
  • Tim Zach
New Spacecraft Models Designed by
Optical Unit[]
Optical Supervisor
  • Dick Swanek
Senior Optical Photographer
  • Robert Rowohlt
Senior Optical Layout
  • John Alagna
Senior Color Timer
  • Mitch Wilson
Optical Photographer
  • Robert Schulze
Optical Layout
  • Don Nolan
  • Tom Snowden
  • Louis Goold
Effects Animation Supervisor
  • Dick Rauh
Senior Effects Animator
  • Michael Ventresco
Senior Animation Stand Photographer
  • Gregory Harker
Effects Animator
  • Valerie Baiardi
Precision Printers
  • Eddie Stewart
  • Stewart Brown
Additional Optical Effects[]
Titles and Opticals
Video Concept Engineering, Inc.
  • Peter Kiran
Matte Paintings by
Matte Paintings by
Matte Photographer
  • Marc Sawicki
Stock Optical Recomposites by
Original Soundtrack Album Available on
"The Moon's a Window to Heaven"
Fanfare from Star Trek® Television Series
Scientific Advisor
Special Thanks to
  • Jim Bissel
  • Tim Down
  • Robert Parker
  • Yosemite National Park Services
    • Jack Morehead, Superintendent
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • California Film Commission
  • State of California, State Lands Commission
  • Madera County Film Commission
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena
  • Reebok International, Ltd.
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Apple Computers
  • Monster Cable®
  • Revo, Inc.
  • International Scientific Instruments, Inc.
  • Denton Vacuum, Inc.
  • Princeton Gamma-Tech
Electron Microscopy & Image Process Equipment provided by
  • Carl Zeiss, Inc.
  • de Graf/Wahrman, Inc.
  • Base Gamma Electronic Systems
Marshmallows and Dispenser by
  • Kraft, Inc.
Denim and Casual Clothing Provided by
  • Levi Strauss & Co.
Sound by
  • Todd A-O/Glen Glenn Studios
Color by
  • Technicolor®
Filmed in