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List of credits as presented in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Opening credits[]

Also Starring
Casting by
Music Composed and Conducted by
Associate Producer
Edited by
Production Designer
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Based on Star Trek created by
Story by
Screenplay by
Produced by
Directed by

Closing credits[]

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Performers
Unit Production Manager
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Art Director
Costume Designer
Second Unit Director
Film Editor
Visual Effects Supervisor
Make-Up Supervisor
Make-Up Department Head
Visual Effects Editor
  • Thomas R. Bryant
Set Decorator
Set Designers
Camera Operator
  • Kirstin R. Glover
First Assistant Photographer
  • Robert Morey
Second Assistant Photographer
  • Richard M. Stevens
Still Photographer
  • Gregory Schwartz
Chief Lighting Technician
  • Raman Rao
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • John Beyers
Chief Rigging Electricians
  • Charles Lang
  • Keith Barber
Assistant Chief Rigging Electrician
  • John Cybulski
  • Joe Morris
Lighting Technicians
First Company Grip
  • Ben Beaird
Second Company Grip
  • Jeff Case
  • Daniel Cook
  • Dennis Flanderka
  • Arnaud Peiny
Production Sound
Boom Operator
  • Steve G. Cantamessa
Cable Person
Script Supervisor
Assistant Special Effects
Make-up Artist for Mr. Shatner
  • Brian McManus
Make-Up Artist
Special Alien Make-Up Created by
Klingon and Vulcan Prosthetics Created by
Jackal Mastiff Created by
Hair Stylists
Property Master
  • Don L. Hulett
Assistant Property Masters
  • Jamie Buckley
  • Richard Beck
Special Props
  • Edward G. Fitzgerald
Costume Supervisor
Key Costumers
  • Greg Hall
  • Robert M. Moore
  • Adrienne Childers
Assistant Film Editors
  • Daniel Candib
  • Scott Caldwell
Apprentice Editors
  • Michael Hofacre
  • Richard Sellmer
Supervising Sound Editors
Sound Editors
  • R. J. Palmer
  • Frank Howard
  • Jack Woods
  • Bruce E. Bell
  • Suhail F. Kafity
  • Thomas Fucci
ADR Editors
  • Fred Stafford
  • Bobbi Banks
Foley Editors
  • Victoria Martin
  • Matthew Harrison
  • Butch Wolf
Assistant Sound Editors
Apprentice Sound Editor
  • Jonathan Phillips
Special Sound Effects
Foley Artists
Music Editor
  • Bunny Andrews
Assistant Music Editor
  • Robin K. Eidelman
Foley Mixer
  • Greg Curda
ADR Mixer
  • Bob Baron
Voice Casting
Re-Recording Mixers
  • Jeffery J. Haboush
  • Michael Herbick
  • Greg P. Russell, CAS
  • James Cavarretta
  • Mike Haney
  • Gary Ritchie
Additional Orchestrations by
  • William Kidd
Orchestra Contractor
Music Preparation
  • Bob Bornstein
Music Score Recorded at
Music Scoring Mixer
Location Manager
  • Rhonda Baer
Second Second Assistant Director
DGA Trainee
Production Office Coordinator
Assistant Production Office Coordinator
  • Laurie Gauger
Construction Coordinator
  • Richard J. Bayard
Construction Foreperson
  • Cliff Bergman
Labor Foreperson
  • Mike Apperson
Production Painters
  • Gary A. Clark
  • Henry S. Coia
Casting Associates
Extras Casting
Assistants to Mr. Meyer
Assistants to Mr. Winter
  • Rebeca R. Brookshire
  • Mary Beth Gentle
Assistant to Mr. Jaffe
  • Deborah L. Krainin
Assistant to Mr. Shatner
  • Mary Jo Fernandez
Assistant to Mr. Brenton
  • Brent Lon Hershman
Production Accountant
  • Brian Wensel
Assistant Production Accountants
  • Mindy Sheldon
  • Debbie Tieman
Construction Accounting Assistant
  • Scott Russell
Graphic Designer
Unit Publicist
  • Bob Hoffman
Production Intern
  • Scott Benton
Production Assistants
  • Roland Armstorff
  • R. Harrison Gibbs
  • Joe Lotito
  • Russell Alan Steele
Art Department Production Assistants
Transportation Coordinator
  • Gerald L. "Jerry" Sater
Transportation Captain
  • Tony Fox
Craft Service
  • Bill Nuzzo
First Aid
  • Ken Clarke
Klingon Language Specialist
Set Security
  • Brian Wallace
Second Unit Photography[]
Director of Photography
  • John V. Fante
First Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
  • Andrea Walzer
First Assistant Photographer
Second Assistant Photographer
  • Frank Parrish
Alaska Liaison
  • Bob Crockett
Helicopter Camera Operator
  • Clinton O. Johnson
  • Cinema Research Corporation
Color Timer

Negative Cutting

  • Theresa Repola Mohammed
Dolby Stereo Consultant
  • Thom Ehle
Main Title Design and Computer Illustration
  • David Oliver Pfeil
Special Visual Effects by
Visual Effects Producer
  • Peter Takeuchi
Visual Effects Art Directors
Optical Photography Supervisor
  • Bradley Kuehn
Computer Graphics Supervisor
  • Jay Riddle
Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Jil-Sheree Bergin
Visual Effects Editor
  • Michael McGovern
Motion Control Camera Operators
  • Peter Daulton
  • Patrick Sweeny
Motion Control Camera Assistants
  • David Hanks
  • Katie O'Neill
Plate Camera operator
  • Patrick Turner
Plate Camera Assistant
Computer Animation
  • Scott Anderson
  • Eric Armstrong
  • John Berton
  • Richard Cohen
  • Wade Howie
  • Joe Letteri
  • Jim Mitchell
  • Joe Pasquale
  • Alex Seiden
Computer Graphics Production Supervisor
  • Gail Currey
Optical Camera Operators
  • Jon Alexander
  • Donald Clark
  • Jeffrey Doran
  • Selwyn Eddy III
  • Keith Johnson
  • Patrick Repola
  • Kenneth Smith
Optical Line Up
  • Peg Hunter
  • David Karpman
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Thomas Rosseter
  • John D. Whisnant
  • Debra Wolff
Optical Processing
  • Michael Ellis
  • Robert Fernley
  • Nelson Hall
Optical Scanning Coordinator
  • Lisa Vaughn
Effects Camera Supervisor
  • Bruce Walters
Effects Camera Operators
  • Charlie Clavadetscher
  • John Graves
  • Steven Reding
  • Eric Swenson
Rotoscope Supervisor
  • Thomas Bertino
Rotoscope Artist
  • Kathleen Beeler
  • Rebecca Petrulli-Heskes
  • Sandy Houston
  • Terry Molatore
  • Jack Monogovan
  • Ellen Mueller
  • Carolyn Rendu
Animation Supervisor
Animation Effects Animators
  • Gordon Baker
  • Christopher Green
  • Peter Crosman
Animation Effects Coordinator
  • Shari Malyn
  • Joshua Pines
  • Randall K. Bean
  • George Gambetta
Assistant Visual Effects Editor
  • Robin Lee
Negative Cutter/Projectionist
  • Timothy Greenwood
  • Preston Richards
Model Shop Supervisor
Model Makers
  • Jon Foreman
  • Brian Gernand
  • Jon Goodson, Jr.
  • Jack Haye
  • Richard Miller
  • Alan Peterson
  • Susan Ross
  • Kim Smith
  • Eben Stromquist
  • Paul Theren
  • Wim Van Thillo
  • Charles Wiley
Production Assistants
  • Carol Lee Griswald
  • Alia Almeida Agha
  • Nancy Luckoff
  • Tina Matthies
Production Accountant
  • Pam Kaye
Matte Painting Effects by
Supervising Matte Photographer
Matte Artist Supervisor
Executive of Project Management
  • Krystyna Demkowicz
Camera Assistant
  • Paul Oehlke
Motion Control Camera
  • Joel Hladecek
Camera Operator
  • Wade Childress
Model Maker
VCE Photographic Effects by
  • Peter Kuran
Animation Effects
  • Al Magliochetti
  • Kevin Kutchaver
Optical Effects Line Up
  • Linda Henry
  • Tim Segulin
Optical Printing
  • Rick Hannigan
  • David Tucker
VCE Administration
  • Jacqueline Zietlow
Additional Digital Compositing by
  • Pacific Data Images
Optical Supervisor
  • Les Dittert
  • Barb Meier

Production Support

  • Karen Logan
Tactical Displays by
  • CimityArt
    • Barbara Cimity
    • Cliff Boule
    • Nina Salerno
    • Randy Weeks
    • Craig Newman
    • Katie O'Hara
24-Frame Video Displays by
Video Coordinator
  • Jeffrey Harstedt
Ultra-Violet Effect and Lighting by
Planet Interior/Exterior, Snow and Ice Scenery by
  • Foam Tec, Inc.

Rear Screen Projection Compositing by

Process Compositing by
  • Hansard
Soundtrack Album available on
Theme from the Star Trek TV Series
Color by
  • Technicolor®
Filmed with
Special Thanks to
  • Alaska Film Commission
  • Alaska Helicopter Company
  • Dave Archer Studios
  • Proton
  • Pfaltzgraff
  • Durand International
  • Hydrel