The Crepusculan homeworld was an inhabited planet in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. It was home to the Crepusculans, who had been living there for over a thousand years. Starfleet considered the planet subject to General Order One.

The planet featured sandy deserts with numerous rocky outcroppings. One such desert region contained a village with a nearby water well and a canyon containing the village inhabitants' egg sacs. Weather included surprisingly fast-moving thunderstorms capable of disrupting communications. Visiting Humans typically wore specialized desert-adapted uniforms and sunglasses. At least two celestial bodies were visible in its yellow sky.

In 2256, the planet's inhabitants faced imminent extinction after ambient radiation from a nearby meteor drilling accident lowered the water table. Captain Philippa Georgiou and Commander Michael Burnham of the USS Shenzhou visited the planet in order to remedy the situation. Using a map, they located a well and drilled through the bedrock to the new level of the water table, releasing large amounts of water. They had hoped to do this covertly, but, unbeknownst to them, they were observed by several Crepusculans.

The planet was also home to a large animal, whose skull the Crepusculans used to build their well. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")

Concept art of this planet

While no plant life was seen in the desert, the well incorporated what appeared to be wooden elements.

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