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==List of Starfleet crewmen==
==List of Starfleet crewmen==
*[[Elizabeth Cutler]]
*[[Elizabeth Cutler]]
*[[Daniels (Crewman)|Daniels]]
*[[Daniels (Crewman)|Daniels]]

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Crewman (also known as Ables'man or Able Crewman) is a title, and a rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations. As a traditional naval grade, crewman is the lowest enlisted rank, below a petty officer and above a recruit (which is only an actual rank in some cases). In comparison to infantry ranking systems, this rank is approximately equivalent to the grade of private.

Some rank systems use different grades of crewman, such as the more junior "crewman recruit," "crewman apprentice," or also "crewman first class," and "crewman second class," etc.

List of Starfleet crewmen


See also: Starfleet ranks for an insignia guide.


Although Star Trek has often been ambivalent about enlisted ranks and insignia, there have been mentions of the term "crewman" since TOS:"The Man Trap, although it is continuously impossible to tell who this rank was bestowed upon, since both crewman and ensigns (as well as chief petty officers) had no visible rank insignia. In the Star Trek Movies era, costume designers created insignia for chiefs and pettys and even crewmen. In particular, Robert Fletcher's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan uniforms had an entire series of enlisted rank insignia. Some of these were reproduced (albeit incorrectly) in the Star Trek Encyclopedia. This is the origin of the "ables'man" term which has not been used elsewhere in Trek. By TNG"The Drumhead," it was established in dialogue that Simon Tarses was an enlisted crewman who had not gone to the Academy, he had a blank collar. This lack of rank insignia for crewmen and noncoms was used throughout DS9 and VGR, although chief petty officers were assigned different insignia.
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