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Crisis Point: The Rise of Vindicta was a holo-novel program designed like a blockbuster movie. The original program, Boimler Seven, was designed by Ensign Brad Boimler to help him prepare for a diplomatic interview with Captain Carol Freeman. However, Ensign Beckett Mariner took control of the program and rewrote it.

Initially, the program was designed as a near-perfect representation of the USS Cerritos. The holographic crewmembers were virtually identical to their flesh and blood counterparts. This was due to the fact that Boimler used over seven years worth of the crew's personal logs to create them, an act that Ensign Sam Rutherford thought very unethical, as some of those might have been private. Realizing how lifelike the holo-crew was, Mariner, still hurting from Captain Freeman sending her to the ship's therapist instead of the brig due to her brazen insubordination in breaking the Prime Directive, overwrote the program to make it a movie-like program so she could direct her anger at the crew. While she was able to convince fellow ensigns D'Vana Tendi and Sam Rutherford into joining her, Boimler instead tried to use the program the way he had intended. (LD: "Crisis Point")


The program starts out with the title of the revised program and then displays dazzling credits. It begins at Kabba Lake, where Captain Freeman is hydroscooting with her senior staff. Freeman and her crew then receive a message from Admiral Vassery. The Cerritos arrives at Douglas Station, where Vassery informs Freeman and her staff about the USS San Clemente's "wonderful second contact" at Idlocana VI. The admiral tells Freeman that there is no Starfleet ship with that registry, and orders Freeman to take the Cerritos to gather intel, get out, and to not deviate from the plan. Freeman and her senior staff then take a shuttle to the upgraded Cerritos.

The Cerritos arrives at Idlocana VI, where the planet's selenium rings disrupt the ship's sensors. A Klingon Bird-of-Prey of unknown class decloaks in front of the Cerritos. The ship's is hailed by the Bird-of-Prey's captain, Vindicta. Vindicta introduces her crew to Freeman. Vindicta has a vendetta against Captain Freeman. Vindicta demonstrates her ruthlessness by killing one of her henchmen, Shempo, for bringing her tea instead of coffee. Vindicta distracts Freeman by playing a recording of herself quoting The Tempest while she and her two remaining henchmen, Tendi and Bionic 5, board the Cerritos.

Vindicta and her henchman start attacking and killing several members of the crew. Vindicta is able to use a severed borg head to protect herself from Lieutenant Shaxs in the mess hall. Vindicta then proceeds to the bridge, where she kills the remaining bridge crew excpet for Freeman and an operations division officer. She then confronts Freeman, who refuses to surrender to Vindicta. However, Vindicta chooses to self-destruct her own ship and cause the Cerritos to crash onto Idlocana VI.

Freeman orders her remaining crew to evacuate the ship. The captain is then confronted by Vindicta and the two fight each other. As Vindicta is about to kill the captain, she is confronted by Ensign Beckett Mariner, who beams the captain away and fights Vindicta. Despite Vindicta defeating Mariner, Vindicta is unaware that Mariner had activated the Cerritos' self-destruct sequence, which kills Mariner and Vindicta.

An impromptu funeral is later held for Mariner with the surviving crew, wherein Freeman reveals that Mariner was her daughter. Vindicta also survived by hiding in a photon torpedo casing, though she was quickly shot by Leonardo da Vinci. (LD: "Crisis Point")


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