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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Lower Decks, and thus may contain spoilers.

Title card of the movie

Crisis Point: The Rise of Vindicta was a holo-novel program designed like a blockbuster movie. The original program, Boimler Seven, was designed by Ensign Brad Boimler to help him prepare for a diplomatic interview with Captain Carol Freeman. However, Ensign Beckett Mariner took control of the program and rewrote it.

Initially, the program was designed as a near-perfect representation of the USS Cerritos. The members of the holo-crew were virtually identical to their flesh and blood counterparts. This was due to the fact that Boimler used over seven years worth of the crew's personal logs to create them, an act that Mariner thought very unethical as some of those might have been private. Realizing how lifelike the holo-crew was, Mariner, still hurting from Captain Freeman sending her to the ship's therapist instead of the brig due to her brazen insubordination in breaking the Prime Directive, overwrote the program to make it a movie-like program so she could direct her anger at the crew. While she was able to convince fellow Ensigns D'Vana Tendi and Sam Rutherford into joining her, Boimler instead tried to use the program the way he had intended. (LD: "Crisis Point")

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