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Enterprise to the rescue! Kirk must save both a planet and McCoy's daughter!

Crisis on Centaurus is a Pocket TOS novel – #28 in the numbered series – written by Brad Ferguson. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in March 1986.


From the book jacket
Massive computer malfunctions are plaguing the Enterprise when Kirk suddenly receives a shocking message from Starfleet Command: Centaurus has been bombed and annihilated; thousands are dead. Give whatever help you can. Centaurus is a beautiful, peaceful planet, home to many Humans – including McCoy's daughter Joanna.
The crew risks beaming down to investigate. But Kirk is thrown into a deadly struggle between violent enemy terrorists and vengeful Centaurians. Now Lt. Uhura, left alone in command, must jeopardize the crippled Enterprise to save Centaurus, Kirk – and Joanna McCoy!.

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Background information



James T. Kirk 
Leonard McCoy
Montgomery Scott
Hikaru Sulu


Joanna McCoy 
Peter Siderakis 
Saul Weinstein


Hospital ship.
Fourth planet in the Alpha Centauri system.
USS Conrad 
Scout ship.
USS Constitution 
in drydock.
USS Cook County 
small impulse-only cargo craft.
Edith Cavell 
Red Cross rescue ship – British Confederacy – destroyed.
Named for famous British World War I nurse and humanitarian.
USS Gagarin 
Scout class – former posting of Montgomery Scott – decommissioned.
USS Farragut 
former posting of James T. Kirk.
USS Hood
New Athens
capital city of Centaurus (destroyed).
Red Cross rescue ship – Eurasian Union – destroyed.
Named for the Nobel Prize winning physicist Andrei Sakharov. A shuttlecraft Sakharov was often seen on TNG.
Hospital ship.
Thomas Dooley 
Red Cross rescue ship – USA – destroyed.
Hospital ship.

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