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When the crew attempts to secure transport to the Federation, they unwittingly cross paths with the vice admiral who is hunting them.


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Act One[]

On the USS Dauntless, as The Diviner is being helped back his bed by Ensign Asencia, he suddenly remembers his daughter's name – Gwyndala.

The USS Protostar crew travels to an ice planet where they hope to find transport to Starfleet. After burying the Protostar so it can't be used against Starfleet, the crew hikes to the nearby Denaxi Depot where they encounter a man who introduces himself as Thadiun Okona. Okona offers to give the group transport in exchange for some deuterium. Unfortunately, he is suddenly approached by a Xindi-Reptilian security team who accuse him of smuggling.

Okona taken custody

Okona is arrested.

At the outpost, the crew separates hoping to find Starfleet. Gwyn is saved from an encounter from an aggressive Klingon by Ensign Asencia, who realizes that Gwyn must be the Diviner's daughter.

Gwyn hiding, 2384

Gwyn hides after realizing her father is with Starfleet

When the ensign mentions that Gwyn's father is aboard the Dauntless, Gwyn is spooked and runs off. Pog comes face to face with Dr. Noum. The pair trade insults but Pog is caught off-guard when Noum disdainfully says that Pog is a name reserved for runts. Meanwhile, Dal is intimidated when he comes face to face with Admiral Janeway. Suddenly, he spots Barniss Frex being led to the admiral and runs off before Frex can recognize him. While hiding, Dal overhears Frex describe the "fierce marauders" who destroyed the station and overhears the admiral's vow to catch them. Realizing that she intends to arrest them and concerned that Starfleet might discover the Protostar and accidentally activate the living construct weapon, Dal finds the others and they speed away on a speeder hoping to unearth the Protostar and escape. They soon find Okona, who had stowed away on their speeder hoping to evade security. When Okona suggests he can help them evade the authorities, they let him accompany them.

Act Two[]

The Protostar takes off with the Dauntless in pursuit. As Zero does their best to evade them, Murf hatches and accidentally fires the torpedoes when he sits on a console.

Murf hatched

The crew watch the new Murf after he hatched

Believing they've been deliberately fired upon, Janeway orders the Dauntless to return fire, careful to disable to the ship, not destroy it. To escape the Dauntless, Dal orders Pog to initialize the proto-drive. Discovering that they're near the Romulan Neutral Zone, Okona suggests that they cross over since no Starfleet vessel would follow them in and he can remodulate their shields so the Romulans won't detect them.  Against Hologram Janeway's advice, Dal has the ship enter the Romulan Neutral Zone. When Janeway seems prepared to follow them in, Commander Tysess refuses to obey her order warning that she is letting her emotions, specifically her desire to find Chakotay dictate her actions, actions which could lead to war.

Before the admiral can decide whether to heed her first officer's advice nor not, the Dauntless is greeted by a D'deridex-class warbird and are hailed by its commander, Kaseth, who warns her not to cross into the zone.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Jankom Pog is so excited to be meeting a fellow Tellarite! Consider me underwhelmed."
"I consider you under… something. Undersized pauper."
"Hey, you're Starfleet? Pog needs to tell you… WHA? Pauper? We Tellarites are practically royalty!"
"Royalty? HAHAHA! "Pog"'s a name we reserve for runts, short in size and vocabulary.

- Jankom Pog and Dr. Noum

"Janeway to away team. Status report."
"Captain Janeway?"
"I prefer "Vice Admiral Janeway." Is there something I can help you with? Can I help you?"
"I, uh… Whew. Didn't expect… I was on my way to… What's it called? I, uh...'"
"Try stringing a few words together and we'll start from there."

- Admiral Janeway and Dal

"What did you do while I was sleeping?!"

- Hologram Janeway, to the Protostar crew upon seeing the Dauntless

"You're in more trouble than I am!"

- Okona

"The real me is hunting us with a quantum slipstream Dauntless-class starship? Good luck with that."
"Thanks for your support."

- Hologram Janeway and Dal

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act of war; Andorian; barrier; blizzard; Brikar; captain; captain (title); cargo trolley; Chakotay; chlorine trifluoride; class 9 vessel; Coalition of Madena species; cocoon; combadge; CR-721; Dal R'El's species; daughter; Dauntless, USS; Dauntless-class; D'deridex-class (unnamed (×2)); Denaxi Depot; Denobulan; depot; deuterium; "dingle-dangle"; emotions; ensign; Erstwhile; exothermic reaction; eyewitness; father; Federation; field trip; "hatching; head of security; hover skiff; hover speeder; junkyard; Kaseth's warbird; Kazon; kilogram: Klingon; Klingonese; lieutenant junior grade; "little guy"; living construct; Medusan; Mellanoid slime worm; memory; meteorologist; Milky Way Galaxy; mind reader; mommy; name; nanosecond; nimbostratus cloud; number one; Orion; Orion crew; pauper; photon torpedo; Pog; progeny; proto-drive; proto-jump; Protostar, USS; Protostar-class; purple; quantum slipstream; Romulan; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulan Star Empire; royalty; runt; savage; science vessel; size; sleeping; sleep mode; smuggler; Starfleet; Starfleet uniform; Tars Lamora; tech; Tellarite; "this guy"; thought maker; transportation hub; Trill; Vau N'Akat; vocabulary; warp factor; Xindi-Reptilian; Xindi-Reptilian language

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