Garos' curio shop

A curio shop was a shop where antiques and rare items were sold. It was operated by a shopkeeper.

The Malurian Garos – undercover as an Akaali – ran a curio shop near the Tengala Street in a harbor city on the Akaali homeworld in the 2150s. He used this shop as a hiding place for the entrance of his underground mining operation basement. The door to the basement was protected by a magnetic force field.

In the shop Garos sold unique items including several stuffed and preserved native animals, masks including one of the mythical ruler Draylan, and bottles, jars, clocks, and other furniture. (ENT: "Civilization")

According to the call sheets of the episode, the interior and exterior scenes of the curio shop were filmed on Paramount Stage 8.
According to the unauthorized reference book Beyond the Final Frontier (p. 362), the set for the curio shop included items, seen on-screen, which were actually "a variety of old props from the Star Trek storeroom."

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