An example of a cyborg.

A cyborg, or cybernetically augmented person, was an individual whose physical abilities were extended beyond normal limitatons by bionic or cybernetic components. The Borg were a common example of this. The difference between a robot and a cyborg was the former had no organic components, while the latter still required them to survive. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Before 2256, Lt. Cmdr. Airiam was extensively upgraded with artificial parts following a shuttle accident which claimed the life of her husband Stephen while coming back from their honeymoon. (DIS: "Project Daedalus")

In 2285, a cyborg was visiting the same bar in San Francisco that Doctor Leonard McCoy was visiting when he was meeting a man to charter a spaceflight to Genesis. The cyborg's head was covered with metallic face-plates. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

In 2327, Jean-Luc Picard received an artificial heart after he was stabbed by a Nausicaan during a bar brawl. (TNG: "Tapestry")

In 2372, Ensign Harry Kim observed that Automated Unit 3947 was not a cyborg. (VOY: "Prototype")

Geordi La Forge later received ocular implants with electric blue irises. (Star Trek: First Contact)

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