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Cynthia Uhrich (born 29 August 1962; age 58) is an actress and filmmaker who appeared as a regular Enterprise NX-01 crewman on the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. As a background actress she received no credit for her appearances.

Uhrich earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theater from the University of Wisconsin in 1987 and has appeared in dozens stage plays, including versions of "Dracula", "The Merchant of Venice", and "The Women" for which she received nominations and wins for the Best Actress award. Uhrich has also appeared in several independent films and had a recurring role as Lilly in the daytime series Passions. Prior to working in Los Angeles, she worked in commercials and on theater in Florida and Minneapolis.

With an experience of over twenty years in acting, she taught acting classes between 2003 and 2016 in Minneapolis, as owner and instructor of the "In the Moment" acting studio. Uhrich has also experiences as casting director and director for independent and short film projects. Her favorite actors are Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi, and Edward Norton. [2]

Uhrich experienced several Star Trek connections in her real life. She went to the same college as Jay M. Leggett, appeared in October 2007 in a short film which was directed and written by Star Trek: Voyager performer Zach LeBeau and was shown on several festivals, and dated actor John Vargas in the early '90s for about one year. Like Ralph Maurer, Uhrich resides in Minnesota where she is still teaching acting classes but also focused on film making. She has been working as casting director, producer, writer, and director on several projects including the short comedy Clown Fiction (2010), the romance M4W (2012), the drama Robert in the Bedroom (2016), and the short drama Code Green (2017). [3]

As an actress, she appeared more recently in the drama Ultimate Redemption (2016), the short drama Audition (2016), the comedy Wilson (2017, with Bruce Bohne and James Saito), the drama Daze Like This (2017), the short horror comedy Dan Helsing: Exterminator (2017), and the television movie My Renaissance (2018).

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