A Delta Quadrant cytoplasmic lifeform.

A cytoplasmic lifeform was a classification of non-humanoid lifeforms.

In 2375, the USS Voyager encountered a damaged starship carrying a previously unknown type of sentient cytoplasmic lifeform. The lifeform was able to control its vessel by means of biochemical secretions. Its language, which consisted of a series of high pitched shrieks, was indecipherable to Voyager's universal translator.

The lifeform was injured and attached itself to B'Elanna Torres, piercing her neck and taking control of her autonomic systems to sustain itself. Lacking the expertise in exobiology needed to remove the lifeform without harming Torres, The Doctor created a holographic consultant, the Cardassian Doctor Crell Moset.

Together, the holographic doctors discovered that the lifeform possesses multiple neocortices suggesting high intelligence, and that a neurostatic shock applied to one of the nodes would cause it to lose motor control. However, this would have also likely lead to the lifeform's demise. During the operation, The Doctor found a way to achieve the same effect non-lethally by applying the neurostatic pulse to a secondary neocortex. The lifeform was then beamed to a ship that had arrived to rescue it. (VOY: "Nothing Human")

The cytoplasmic lifeform was voiced by Frank Welker.
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