Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

DB-5 was a starship with a saucer section, a secondary hull, and two angular nacelles. It was docked at Starbase 1 in 2259.

A graphic of the DB-5 was depicted on a space dock manifest display graphic in the office of Admiral Christopher Pike, when he informed Captain James T. Kirk that he was going to take back command of the USS Enterprise and Kirk was to be sent back to Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek Into Darkness, production art)

The graphic of this ship was illegible when it appeared on screen. The graphic did not specify if this was a Federation or a Starfleet starship. The graphic was originally created for the office of Admiral Alexander Marcus. [1]
DB-5, while it had a slightly wider secondary hull, was similar in design to the prime reality Starfleet Makin-class (β) assault ship depicted in the FASA Federation Ship Recognition Manual (p. 3).
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