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DIS Season 1 Blu-ray cover

Region A cover

Region A cover
Blu-ray Disc release
Series: Star Trek: Discovery
Season: One
No. of episodes: 15
No. of discs: 4
Run time: 671 minutes
Region A release date: 13 November 2018 (North America)
26 December 2018 (Japan)
Region B release date: 18 November 2018 (Scandinavia)
19 November 2018 (UK)
21 November 2018 (Australasia)
22 November 2018 (Germany)
5 December 2018 (France)
12 December 2018 (Italy)
Rating(s): BBFC - 15 IFCO - 15 FSK - Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren NICAM - Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar (Watch out with children under 12) MCCYP - 15 OFLC (Australia) - Mature OFLC (New Zealand) - Mature
Language: English, Klingon (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1)
Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese (Region A)
English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish (Region B)
Dubbed: French (Region A)
French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1, Region B)
Reference: ASIN B07G2D87C1 (Region A, North America)
ASIN B07M9WXRGH (Steelbook Edition, Region A)
ASIN B07JF8F7Q7 (Region free, Japan)
ASIN B07JWKYHNB (Steelbook, Region A, Japan)
ASIN B07GT4Z59W (Region free, UK)
ASIN B07G22MQ3Q (Region B, Australia)
GTIN 9317731148934 (Region B, Australia retailer exclusive)
ASIN B07H657XDV (Region B, Germany)
ASIN B07GW2ZW4P (Steelbook Edition, Region B, Germany)
ASIN B07HNFX4CH (Region B, France)
ASIN B07PG2N52X (Steelbook, Region B, France)
ASIN B07H9CPXL1 (Region B, Italy)
ASIN B07HSBH1SW (Steelbook, Region B, Italy)
DIS Season 1 Blu-ray cover Region B

Region B cover

Region B cover

Star Trek: Discovery - Season One is a Blu-ray Disc release, featuring the complete first season of Star Trek: Discovery in 1080p high-definition. The four-disc set was released in North America on 13 November 2018, with other national releases beginning on 19 November 2018. The release was issued in a Viva Elite case housed in a slipcover.

A limited edition SteelBook® cover became available at the selected retailers Best Buy, the US/Japanese/German/Italian Amazon, UK retailer Zavvi, [1] and French retailer Fnac.

While in some cases still being marketed as region-restricted, the releases are in actuality region-free as this has increasingly become commonplace for the Blu-ray format. [2]

This release was a year later reissued as an otherwise unaltered part of the Region B-only DIS L'intégrale des saisons 1 & 2 collection, two years later followed as such by the Blu-ray DIS Seasons 1-3 Collection.

Disc contents[]

1 Episodes (with Play All) (177:54)
"The Vulcan Hello" (42:37)
"Battle at the Binary Stars" (38:18)
"Context Is for Kings" (47:46)
"The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry" (49:14)
Special Features
2 Episodes (with Play All) (177:43)
"Choose Your Pain" (46:27)
"Lethe" (43:57)
"Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" (46:42)
"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" (40:38)
Special Features
3 Episodes (with Play All) (180:43)
"Into the Forest I Go" (46:47)
"Despite Yourself" (48:10)
"The Wolf Inside" (48:40)
"Vaulting Ambition" (37:08)
Special Features
4 Episodes (with Play All) (136:37)
"What's Past Is Prologue" (42:50)
"The War Without, The War Within" (48:46)
"Will You Take My Hand?" (45:02)
Special Features

Special features[]

Remarkably, this release features the same number of special features as its DVD counterpart, constituting something of a break in release policies as the franchise had up to that point in time favored the Blu-ray format with the inclusion of more special features. Quite conceivably this had been an intentional franchise attempt to avoid the 2014 second "VAM controversy" that had followed the home media format releases of the first two alternate reality films.

Deleted and extended scenes
Discovering Discovery – The Concepts and Casting of Star Trek: Discovery
Featurette discussing the initial development of the first season and the casting process, with interviews with producers, writers and actors.
The Star Trek Theme
Alex Kurtzman and Jeff Russo discuss the creation of the score for the series, including developing the main title theme.
Creature Comforts
Exploring Alchemy Studios' make-up and prosthetics work on the series, looking at the updated designs for the Klingons, Vulcans and Andorians, as well as the development of the Kelpiens.
Designing Discovery
Spotlighting the work of Discovery's production design team, led by Tamara Deverell.
Creating Space
Looking at Pixomondo's visual effects for Discovery, and how its team turn initial designs into final sequences.
Prop Me Up
How Discovery's props are designed, iterated, and built.
Feeding Frenzy
How the work of the series' food stylist contributes to the atmosphere of the sets.
A Woman's Journey
Exploring the strong female presence in Discovery, both on- and off-screen, and the importance of the series' inclusionist message.
A scene from TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" is incorrectly labeled as having come from TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!" in this feature
Dress for Success
Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips and her team show how they create the extensive range of uniforms, armor, and clothing needed for the series.
Star Trek: Discovery – The Voyage of Season One
Featurette looking at the storyline and plot twists of the first season.

Background information[]

  • In Australia, a JB Hi-Fi retailer exclusive was released which consisted of the regular plastic snapcase release packaged within a cardboard foldout gate slipcover. [3]
  • This particular release is one of the few individual Star Trek releases followed by the professional industry site The Numbers and for which domestic US home video format sales are known; The Numbers has reported that by November 2023 domestic sales had been realized of US$9.5 million for both this and its DVD counterpart releases. [4] The for a brand-new Star Trek production seemingly disappointing sales could be explained by the sharply divided fan reception the series had engendered. However, there were by this time also generic societal trend issues at play, which had nothing to do with Star Trek, additionally explaining the diminishing sales of physical home video formats. (see: main article)

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