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This page contains information specifically pertaining to the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, whose episode premieres were consecutively streamed on CBS All Access for the USA and broadcast on Space/Z for Canada from 17 January 2019 through 18 April 2019, with the rest of the world following suit with one day delay through streaming service Netflix.


Title Episode Production number Stardate US release date
"Brother" 2x01 201 1025.19 2019-01-17
"New Eden" 2x02 202 1027.32 2019-01-24
"Point of Light" 2x03 203 1029.46 2019-01-31
"An Obol for Charon" 2x04 204 1834.2512 2019-02-07
"Saints of Imperfection" 2x05 205 Unknown 2019-02-14
"The Sound of Thunder" 2x06 206 1035.86 2019-02-21
"Light and Shadows" 2x07 207 Unknown 2019-02-28
"If Memory Serves" 2x08 208 1532.9 2019-03-07
"Project Daedalus" 2x09 209 Unknown 2019-03-14
"The Red Angel" 2x10 210 Unknown 2019-03-21
"Perpetual Infinity" 2x11 211 Unknown 2019-03-28
"Through the Valley of Shadows" 2x12 212 1048.66 2019-04-04
"Such Sweet Sorrow" 2x13 213 1050.8–1051.8 2019-04-11
"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2" 2x14 214 1201.7 2019-04-18


Background information[]

  • Even before Star Trek: Discovery started to be released, Aaron Harberts was already hopeful that this season could tie up some of the loose ends of continuity as regards how the series related to the rest of the Star Trek franchise, thereby answering inevitable questions about that aspect of the show. "What I hope happens is […] [in the] second season, we'll start creating our own slice of it," he said, "so that we're adding to canon in our way, and those questions come up less and less." [8]
  • In this, Harberts had to an extent already undone the emphatic statement his colleague Akiva Goldsman later made at the October 2017 New York Comic Con, shortly after the series had premiered, that "(…)Discovery will exist within its own universe," and while "[w]e are wildly aware of everything that appears to be a deviation from canon and we will close out all of those issues before they arrive at the 10-year period and hit The Original Series," adding that "Discovery viewers will never see Spock". [9] The apparently premature second season introduction of Christopher Pike and his ship and crew (including Spock) after all, was therefore indicative of the producers' reconsideration of their position in the wake of fan criticism regarding canon/(Roddenberry) philosophy/(visual) continuity issues, conceded as such at a later point in time by co-creator, show runner and Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman himself in his 2019 podcast interview (see: below).
  • Harberts also expressed hope that this season might include many episodes which Goldsman would direct. [10]
  • On 23 October 2017, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season. [11]
  • Filming for Season 2 began on 16 April 2018, with Shazad Latif stating that he would begin filming in May 2018. [12][13][14]
  • It was originally reported that Season 2 would have two fewer episodes than Season 1, but Anson Mount revealed on 8 December 2018 that an additional episode had been added. [15][16]
  • In May 2018, co-creator Alex Kurtzman stated that season two wouldn't be broadcast until 2019 at the earliest. "Breaking story is, in some ways, the easier and faster thing; it's the ability to execute on it that's much harder. We want to take the right amount of time and don't want to rush," he stated. [17] In July 2018, he confirmed that the season premiere was being targeted for release in January 2019. [18]
  • Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg resigned as showrunners after production on the fifth episode, after the budget for the season premiere overran, and reports that they had become abusive towards the show's writers, [19] though in the latter case, not a single independent corroboration from any one "abusee" has ever materialized in support of that particular claim, making it in all likelihood a fake assertion to begin with.
  • The season premiere date was announced at the New York Comic Con Discovery panel on 6 October 2018, [20] and a trailer for the season was shown there, being released online immediately afterwards. [21]
  • As had been the case with the first season, episodes were released internationally on Netflix the day after their CBS All Access debut. [22]
  • Accompanying the season two debut on 17 January 2019 was a red carpet premiere affair held at the multiplex movie theater of the Conrad hotel in New York City, which was attended by the series' cast and crew. [23] Also invited were members of Visual Effects Society in the hope of improving the show's chances of a 2019 VES Award, [24] to no avail however, as season two was not considered for a 2019 VES award by the society, contrary to season one which received two award nominations – but no wins.
  • Unlike the first season, however, there was not a mid-season break. [25]
  • Characters which 'cross over' from other incarnations of Star Trek: Christopher Pike and Spock ("Brother"), Una Chin-Riley ("An Obol for Charon"), Vina and The Keeper ("If Memory Serves"), Siranna ("The Sound of Thunder"), and Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po ("Such Sweet Sorrow").


The critical review site Rotten Tomatoes has given the second season of Discovery a score of 81%, with an average rating of 7.32 out of 10, similar to the score for the preceding season. However, it has also recorded a worsening audience score of 36%, with an average rating of 2.33 out of 5, indicative of the developing rift between critics and viewers/fans growing even stronger after Season 1. [26] Unlike with that initial season, Rotten Tomatoes' audience findings were not corroborated for this season by the customer reviews on, which showed a substantially higher audience rating of 3.8 out of 5, as well as a higher rough 70/30 like/dislike divide within the viewership/fanbase itself [27] – though the Amazon rating system has become suspect since.[1]

On the other hand, the critical review site Metacritic did corroborate Rotten Tomatoes' critical findings by quoting the equal 73% critics' rating score for the second season – against Tomatoes' 73.2% average rating – and also reported a similar viewership rating of 5.3 out of 10, with the like/dislike divide showing a rough 52/48 split, a very slight improvement over the first season. [28]

What both Amazon and Metacritic had in common though, was that the from season one carried over like/dislike divide remained rather sharp in all reported cases, with fans pitted against each other at either end of the spectrum with very few positioned in the middle. The what Kurtzman had hereafter called "course-correct" had not resulted in the hoped-for improvement of the series' overall perception by fans.

Star Trek Discovery primary cast thanking the ''Nerds''

…thanking the "nerds"…

Exemplary of the deep fan divide was the one-minute homage clip initially made for the Apple TV+ app and also featured in a Carpool Karaoke episode (Season 2, Episode 11, 31 January 2019) in which the uniform-clad primary cast of Discovery were singing a song (adapted from a song featured in the musical Rent) on the bridge set, profusely thanking the "nerds" – "nerds" being emphasized with flashy, sing-along captions – for keeping the franchise alive for all these decades. As social media reactions to this supposedly well-meant clip have shown, Discovery fans loved the homage, whereas the critical fans seriously doubted CBS' motivations for even allowing the clip to be made in the first place, and took offense, vehemently so, considering it a severely misguided derogatory slur – and an intentionally insulting one at that, in their opinion. [29][30][31] The clip would never be mentioned again, be it in any of the aftershows, or in any of the special features of the later released second season home video formats.

After the second season had concluded its run, showrunner Alex Kurtzman did concede the fan base split in a 17 June 2019 Deadline podcast, though he endeavored to put a positive spin on it by stating that "(…) if you are at a 50/50 split, then you're doing well. It's when you're at 90/10 then you're in real trouble." In the same podcast Kurtzman concurrently added, "I can definitely start by saying that I have, and this isn't just lip service, I actually...the fan's point of view has become necessary for me, because the fans have kept Trek alive for fifty-three years. And the internet has now made it possible for me in real time to know how people are receiving our choices and as you're writing you can suddenly course-correct you know." [32] In this, Kurtzman – who reiterated his stance almost ad verbatim one year later to [33] – distanced himself from the presumed "Old Guard" racial/gender bias left-wing critics had accused the critical classic fanbase of after the conclusion of season one, but rather addressed concerns those fans had with what they perceived as canon/(Roddenberry) philosophy/continuity violations, something only a handful of their critics actually touched upon or were even willing to address, [34] though those very few that did kept concurrently maintaining that in their opinion white male racial/gender bigotry still remained the actual root cause. [35][36] Kurtzman referred to the "course-correct" again when he made the later released remark, "We make huge moves in the [second season] finale. So both synchronize with canon and then free ourselves from it". (DIS Season 2 Blu-ray-special feature, "Putting It Together") He thereby confirmed in his closing remark that Goldsman's aforementioned "arrival" at The Original Series was definitively off the table, something that had already been implied in the Star Trek: Short Treks season one episode "Calypso", [37] which streamed two months before the second season of Discovery did.

Even though the producers had bowed in to the fan's concerns about the series, fans remained sharply divided in their opinions of the series proper as not only evidenced by the ratings and Kurtzman's concession, but also by the impromptu polls organized on several Star Trek (fan) websites, among others those on the reference website Ex Astris Scientia. However, fans were by and large unanimous in their praise for the Original Series characters introduction, Anson Mount's Christopher Pike in particular, which infused the series with some, what they deemed, much needed Star Trek spirit, in no small measure due to the way Mount played the role. Kurtzman had actually implied at the end of season one that the introduction of the Original Series characters had from the very start been part of his master plan all along, when he stated in AT: "Will You Take My Hand?" that, "(…)the whole season was reverse-engineered knowing really at the beginning where we wanted to end," [38] contridicting not only his own, later made "course-correct" statement, but also his producer collegues. Mount's Christopher Pike was so well received that at least two separate online fan petitions were organized for his very own Star Trek series, with several petition signers in their motivations to do so, preferring it to become a replacement for Discovery altogether. [39] [40]

In the wake of the December 2019 "reunification" of the Star Trek film, and television franchises, reports started to surface that this option had indeed come under consideration with both CBS All Access Head of Original Content Julie McNamara and showrunner Kurtzman on record stating that "fans have been heard", though concurrently stressing that if it came to pass, as an addition to the Star Trek line-up (at the time already consisting of three more series, beyond Discovery, Short Treks, and Star Trek: Picard alone), and not as a replacement. [41] [42] [43]

Initially, the producers intended the introduction of the Original Series characters to be a temporary one, as they were signed for season two only. [44] [45] It prompted Anson Mount to quip with a "#WillActForFood" hashtag on his Twitter account that he and fellow Spock performer Ethan Peck were on the job market again shortly after live-action production on season two had wrapped. [46] It solicited a fan outpouring in support for his own series instead of Discovery, which provided the spark for the online petitions in the first place, [47] as a happy aside not something Mount was likely and intentionally after when he made the humorous posting on his account – even though he was by then well aware of the favorable reception of his character (reiterating how "humbled and deeply touched by this amount of love" he was on his 14 April 2019 Facebook entry [48]) as the season had already premiered when he made his posting on 27 January 2019. He and Peck subsequently did reprise their roles in three late 2019 season two episodes of Short Treks (as did Una Chin-Riley performer Rebecca Romijn), all three of them taking place outside the Discovery framework, and therefore arguably conceived as preambles for a potential "Christopher Pike" series.

On 15 May 2020, CBS formally announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, featuring all three characters, along with a video message recorded by Mount, Peck, and Romijn uploaded to social media channels, all three of them expressing their gratitude for the fan support. Aside from emphatically restating his April 2019 Facebook posting, Mount additionally stated that they were going to get "(…)to work on a classic Star Trek show, that deals with optimism and the future," indirectly referring to the perceived Roddenberry-philosophy violations in Discovery, critical fans had put forward. [49]

Incidentally and his favorable fan reception notwithstanding, Mount has, unlike colleague Peck, not received a single nomination for his performance in any of the hereafter mentioned actor award categories.


Several industry award nomination announcements have followed suit in the wake of the series' second season, such as for five Saturn Awards on 15 July 2019, [50] and for four of the prestigious Emmy Awards on 16 July 2019, [51] in the latter case doubling its number of nominations in comparison to the first season. Other award nominations were added to the array, eventually bringing the total for the second season up to twenty-four, one more than the preceding season had garnered.

Still, having won six out of the twenty-four award nominations, including the series' first Emmy Award, it actually meant that Season 2 was in the mind of critics twice as successful than the preceding one had been – achieving a win ratio of 25% versus 13%.

The increasing number of Canadian industry awards incidentally, such as the CAFTCAD Awards which were first issued in 2020, [52] is indicative of the growing importance of the Canadian motion picture industry and the diminishing one of Hollywood; Discovery is entirely Canadian produced. The below-listed older Directors Guild of Canada Awards are among Canada's more prestigious motion picture awards and was won for the first time in 2019 for the franchise by Discovery's Tamara Deverell. [53]

2019-2020 Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 awards and honors
Award Category Nominee(s) Result
CAFTCAD Awards Best Costume Design in TV Sci-Fi/ Fantasy ("Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2") Gersha Phillips (costume designer), Daina Valiulis, Kim Harkness, Paria Shirvani, Erin Holman, Kaitlyn Fifield, Kimberly Memory Stanley, Daniela Agosta, Tanya Batanau-Chuiko, Wing Lee, Nina Topic, Ray Wong, Gulay Cokgezen, Christy Zaporozan, Bonnie McCabe, Ian Campbell, Andrew Cook, Jenn Burton, Robin Careless, Lisa Creelman, Heather Constable, Kymn Keating, Chelsea Oliver, Alexandra Boultzi, Karen Lee, and Carly Nicodemo Nominated
CDG Awards Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television Series Gersha Phillips
Directors Guild of Canada Awards Outstanding Achievement in Production Design – Dramatic Series ("Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2") Tamara Deverell Won
Dragon Awards Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman Nominated
Emmy Awards Outstanding Main Title Design Ana Criado-Zahonero (creative director), Nader Husseini (animator), Francisco Sanchez de Cañete (art director), Zachary Kinney (animator), Christian Antolin (designer), and Kyle Cooper (creative director)
Outstanding Special Visual Effects ("Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2") Jason Michael Zimmerman (VFX supervisor), Ante Dekovic (VFX supervisor), Ivan Kondrup Jensen (VFX supervisor), Mahmoud Rahnama (associate VFX supervisor), Alexander Wood (VFX plate supervisor), Aleksandra Kochoska (VFX producer), Charles Collyer (lead VFX artist), Fausto Tejeda (CG supervisor), and Darcy Callaghan (special effects coordinator)
Outstanding Sound Editing for a One Hour Comedy or Drama Series ("Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2") Matthew E. Taylor (sound supervisor), Tim Farrell (sound designer), Michael Schapiro (sound effects editor), Clayton Weber (sound effects editor), Dan Kenyon (sound effects editor), Rickley W. Dumm (adr editor), Sean Heissinger (dialogue editor), Bob Jackson (dialogue editor), Matt Decker (music editor), Alyson Dee Moore (Foley artist), and Christopher Moriana (Foley artist)
Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special ("If Memory Serves") Glenn Hetrick (special makeup effects department head), James MacKinnon (special makeup effects department head), Hugo Villasenor (special makeup effects artist), Rocky Faulkner (special makeup effects artist), Chris Bridges (additional makeup effects artist), Nicola Bendrey (special makeup effects artist), Neville Page (prosthetic designer), and Michael O'Brien (prosthetic designer) Won
GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Drama Series CBS Television Studios/All Access Nominated
Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards Best Special Makeup Effects – Television and New Media Series Glenn Hetrick, James MacKinnon, and Rocky Faulkner
Hollywood Music In Media Awards Best Original Score – TV Show/Limited Series Jeff Russo
Hollywood Post Alliance Awards Outstanding Visual Effects – Television Over 13 Episodes ("Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2") Jason Michael Zimmerman, Ante Dekovic, Aleksandra Kochoska, Charles Collyer, and Alexander Wood
IGN Awards (2019) Best TV Action Series CBS Television Studios/All Access
Best TV Ensemble Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Emily Coutts, Shazad Latif, Oyin Oladejo, Patrick Kwok-Choon, Ronnie Rowe, Wilson Cruz, Sara Mitich, Michelle Yeoh, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Rachael Ancheril, and Hannah Cheesman
Joey Awards Best Actress in a Principal Role in a Television Series 11+ Arista Arhin
OFTA Television Awards Best Makeup/Hairstyling in a Series CBS Television Studios/All Access
Best Visual Effects in a Series
Best Best Costume Design in a Series Gersha Phillips (costume designer)
ReFrame Stamp Top 100 Popular Television 2018-2019 (Season two) CBS All Access Won
Saturn Awards Best Streaming Science Fiction, Action & Fantasy Series Accepted on behalf of CBS All Access by showrunner Michelle Paradise, and writer/producers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt [54]
Best Actress in Streaming Presentation Sonequa Martin-Green
Best Supporting Actor in Streaming Presentation Doug Jones
Wilson Cruz Nominated
Ethan Peck
World Soundtrack Awards Television Composer of the Year (DIS Season 2, among others) Jeff Russo
Young Artist Awards Best Performance Recurring Teen Artist – TV Series Arista Arhin
Young Entertainer Awards Best Recurring Young Actress – Television Series



Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham
Doug Jones as Saru
Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets
Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly ("Brother"–"Perpetual Infinity", "Such Sweet Sorrow", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber ("Brother", "Saints of Imperfection"–"The Sounds of Thunder", "If Memory Serves", "The Red Angel", "Through the Valley of Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler ("Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection"–"If Memory Serves", "The Red Angel"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Anson Mount as Christopher Pike

Special guest star[]

Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou/Philippa Georgiou (mirror) ("Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection", "Light and Shadows", "If Memory Serves", "The Red Angel"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")


Casting by
Margery Simkin, CSA
Orly Sitowitz, CSA
Music and Theme by
Jeff Russo
Costume Designer
Gersha Phillips
Visual Effects Supervisor
Jason Zimmerman
Edited by
Jon Dudkowski, ACE ("Brother", "An Obol for Charon", "Light and Shadows", "The Red Angel", "Such Sweet Sorrow")
Scott Gamzon, ACE ("New Eden", "Saints of Imperfection", "If Memory Serves", "Perpetual Infinity")
Andrew Coutts, CCE ("Point of Light", "The Sounds of Thunder", "Project Daedalus", "Through the Valley of Shadows", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Matthew Kovach ("The Red Angel")
John Mullin ("Perpetual Infinity")
Production Designer
Tamara Deverell
Director of Photography
Glen Keenan, CSC ("Brother", "Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection", "Light and Shadows", "Project Daedalus", "Perpetual Infinity", "Such Sweet Sorrow", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Colin Hoult, CSC ("New Eden", "An Obol for Charon")
Philip Lanyon ("The Sounds of Thunder")
Tico Poulakakis, CSC ("If Memory Serves", "The Red Angel", "Through the Valley of Shadows")
Bo Yeon Kim
Erika Lippoldt
Alan McElroy
April Nocifora
Produced by
Thom J. Pretak
Consulting Producer
Dan Dworkin ("Light and Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Jay Beattie ("Light and Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Akiva Goldsman
Co-Executive Producers
Andrew Colville
Jenny Lumet
Jordon Nardino ("Brother"–"Saints of Imperfection")
Michelle Paradise ("An Obol for Charon"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Ted Sullivan
Vaun Wilmott ("Brother"–"Light and Shadows")
Aaron Baiers
Executive Producers
Olatunde Osunsanmi
Frank Siracusa
John Weber
Eugene Roddenberry
Trevor Roth
James Duff ("Light and Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Heather Kadin
Gretchen J. Berg ("Brother"–"The Sounds of Thunder")
Aaron Harberts ("Brother"–"The Sounds of Thunder")
Alex Kurtzman
Based Upon Star Trek Created by
Gene Roddenberry
Created by
Bryan Fuller
Alex Kurtzman

Supervising Associate Producer
Dana N. Wilson
Associate Producer
Emma Sampson
Robyn Johnson ("Light and Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Production Managers
David Till
B.E. Sharp
First Assistant Director
Woody Sidarous ("Brother", "Saints of Imperfection", "If Memory Serves", "Perpetual Infinity")
Patrick Tidy ("New Eden", "An Obol for Charon", "Light and Shadows", "The Red Angel", "Such Sweet Sorrow"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Felix Gray ("Point of Light", "The Sound of Thunder", "Project Daedalus", "Through the Valley of Shadows")
Second Assistant Director
Ben Marrello ("Brother", "Saints of Imperfection", "Perpetual Infinity")
Jeff Muhsoldt ("New Eden", "An Obol for Charon", "Light and Shadows", "The Red Angel", "Such Sweet Sorrow"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Shannon Hawes ("Point of Light", "The Sound of Thunder", "Project Daedalus", "Through the Valley of Shadows")
Sara Macdonald ("If Memory Serves")
Executive Story Editor
Kirsten Beyer
Story Editor
Sean Cochran
Executive Consultant
Bryan Fuller
Canadian Casting by
Lisa Parasyn, CSA
Jon Comerford, CSA
Original Star Trek Theme by
Alexander Courage
Set Decorator
Peter Nicolakakos
Property Master
Mario Moreira
Supervising Art Director
Joshu De Cartier
Art Directors
Matt Middleton
Jody Clement
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Stephanie Chris
Matthew Harris
Nicola Rose ("Brother"–"Saints of Imperfection")
Alex Melvin ("An Obol for Charon"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Jane Stevens ("Such Sweet Sorrow"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
First Assistant Art Directors – Graphics
Andy Tsang
Kristin Herbst ("Through the Valley of Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
First Assistant Art Directors – Illustration
Chris Penna
Joelle Craven ("Such Sweet Sorrow"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
First Assistant Art Director – Illustrator (Costumes)
Bartol Rendulic ("Brother")
First Assistant Art Directors – Set Design
Michael Stanek
Hayley Isaacs
John Kim ("Brother"–"The Red Angel")
Matt Morgan
Dan Norton ("Brother", "Point of Light"–"An Obol for Charon")
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Shirin Rashid
Monica Navarrette
Itsuko Kurono ("Brother"–"Point of Light")
Robert Emery ("Brother"–"New Eden")
James Usas ("Brother"–"New Eden")
Third Assistant Directors
Ross Vivian
Brooke Fifield
Script Supervisor
R. Emerson John ("Brother"–"New Eden")
Angela Mastronardi ("Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Tammy Rae Beltrami ("An Obol for Charon")
A Camera Operator
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Ao Loo
Boom Operator
Sean Armstrong
Casting Associate
Gina Gallego
Canadian Casting Assistants
Emily Johnston
Sara Dang ("New Eden"–"An Obol for Charon")
Meghan Maguire ("Saints of Imperfection"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Location Manager
Tim Owen ("Brother", "Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection", "Light and Shadows", "Project Daedalus", "Perpetual Infinity", "Such Sweet Sorrow"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Melissa Warry-Smith ("New Eden", "An Obol for Charon", "The Sound of Thunder", "If Memory Serves", "The Red Angel", "Through the Valley of Shadows")
Assistant Location Manager
Justin Cossette ("New Eden"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
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Tom Nicholls ("Brother")
Robert Jones ("New Eden"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Assistant Studio Manager
Tom Nicholls ("New Eden"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
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Josh Campbell ("The Sound of Thunder"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
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Sydney Cavanaugh ("Brother"–"If Memory Serves")
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Lead Creature Designer
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James MacKinnon
Prosthetic Makeup Special Effects and Specialty Armor Designed and Created by
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Tijana Petrovic ("Brother")
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Cassidy Watkins ("An Obol for Charon"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Jennifer Jozwiak ("New Eden"–"Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Stunt Coordinator
Christopher McGuire
Fight Coordinator
Hubert Boorder
Special Effects Coordinator
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Special Effects Key
Mike Kavanagh ("Brother"–"Light and Shadows")
Lead Dressers
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Chris Deeley ("Point of Light"–"Perpetual Infinity")
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Clinton Guitard
On Set Painter
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VFX Coordinators
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Chelsea Wynne
Valeria Rocha
Julian Boice ("The Red Angel"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
VFX Plate Supervisor
Alex Wood
Associate VFX Supervisor
Mahmoud Rahnama ("Brother"–"New Eden", "Light and Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
VFX Previs Supervisor
Stephen J. Pavelski ("Brother"–"New Eden", "Light and Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Additional Editing by
John Mullin ("New Eden", "Saints of Imperfection")
Assistant Editor
Matthew Kovach ("Brother", "An Obol for Charon", "Light and Shadows", "Such Sweet Sorrow")
Corey Trench ("Point of Light", "The Sound of Thunder")
Preston Rapp ("The Sound of Thunder", "Project Daedalus", "Through the Valley of Shadows", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
John Mullin ("If Memory Serves")
VFX Editors
Jason Sikora
Greg Minihan ("Perpetual Infinity"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
VFX Assistant Editors
Kevin Laneave ("Brother"–"Saints of Imperfection")
Greg Minihan ("Brother"–"The Red Angel")
Post Production Coordinator
Ruben Michael Molina
Post Production Assistant
Ryan Miles ("Brother"–"Light and Shadows")
Anthony Maranville
Assistants to the Writers
Chris Silvestri
Brandon Schultz
Eamon Hartnett ("The Red Angel"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Dialect Coach
Rea Nolan
Additional Dialect Coach
Jeffrey Simlett
Robyn Stewart
Kelpien Language Consultant
Marc Okrand ("The Sound of Thunder")
Craft Services
Star Grazing Inc.
Darlene Ibbitson
Monica Madden
On Set Caterers
Gourmet Catering
Assistants to A. Kurtzman
Robyn Johnson ("Brother"–"The Sound of Thunder")
May Darmon ("Brother"–"If Memory Serves")
Monica Shapiro ("New Eden"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
T'Essence Minnitee ("Project Daedalus"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Assistant to G. Berg and A. Harberts
Chris Danby ("Brother"–"The Sound of Thunder")
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Megan Talmidge
Assistant to A. Baiers
Kristen Gross
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Cornelia Audrey
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Eamon Hartnett ("Saints of Imperfection"–"Project Daedalus")
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Warner Bros. Post Production Creative Services
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Robert Jackson ("The Red Angel"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
Sean Heissinger ("Brother"–"Project Daedalus", "Through the Valley of Shadows", "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
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Travis Crotts ("Through the Valley of Shadows"–"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")
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Deron Street
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Matt Decker
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Michael Perfitt
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Perrine Virgile
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Todd Bochner
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Produced with the Participation of the
Canadian Production Services Tax Credit
Secret Hideout
Roddenberry Entertainment
CBS All Access Originals
CBS Television Studios


  • Nicola Bendrey – Special Makeup Effects Artist (Emmy Award winner)
  • Chris Bridges – Additional Makeup Effects Artist (Emmy Award winner)
  • Rocky Faulkner – Special Makeup Effects Artist (Emmy Award winner)
  • Michael O'Brien – Prosthetic Designe: Alchemy Studios (Emmy Award winner)
  • Erin Palmer – Rigging Electric

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  1. Quoted are the figures as reported on 13 September 2019, but Amazon has, after its streaming service Prime Video had been granted the exclusive foreign streaming rights for Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks, redacted the audience ratings to even more favorable ones by removing most of Discovery's negative reviews, a general but questionable practice not uncommon for Amazon. [1] As Amazon has also become the owner of film website Internet Movie Database, it is reasonable to assume that similar ratings manipulations take place there as well.
    Even Rotten Tomatoes itself has since then come under intense scrutiny when Hollywood studios started accusing private reviewers of (negative) "review bombing" in order to sabotage their productions, those with a heavy political messaging, aka "woke" and/or "DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)" agenda, in particular. A scathing 6 September 2022 exposé by new site however, demonstrated that it were actually the studios themselves who were the ones consistently rigging the Rotten Tomatoes ratings system to their advantage by review bombing through paid for "official" film reviewers which they are doing as standard operating procedure in a formalized and institutionalized systematic manner. The exposé identifies Disney and Amazon as the main culprits, but notes that all Hollywood studios are in varying degrees of complicity guilty of the practice. The recent explosive emergence of artificial intelligence is only expected to severely aggravate this state of affairs. [2] CBS Studios appears to have been complicit in the dubious practice for quite some time as well, as it would explain the very large discrepancy of rating reviews given by "professionals" and the general audience to Kurtzman-era Star Trek productions, ever since they were launched in 2017.
    The Vulture exposé rekindled in full a decades old discourse of Hollywood studios being accused of bribing film critics to their advantage. Paramount Pictures itself was in effect among the ones sued for this in 2001, when the Star Trek franchise was still theirs, [3] the accusation in Paramount's case even harkening back to 1992. [4] But it also lent credence to the oft-reported extortion practices of Hollywood studios of denying reviewers studio access by barring them from the soundstages and/or advance screenings if a review is not favorable, which actually led to a considerable upheaval in July 2017 when Disney barred several newspapers from their advance screenings because of what Disney had perceived as negative reporting on their prior productions, which incidentally, backfired big time for Disney as they found out that news papers, even deep in the digital age, were still a force to be reckoned with. The mainstream press media has been hostile to Disney ever since. [5][6][7] Smaller media outlets though, the online-only ones in particular (like TrekCore or who are extremely reliant on the franchise's goodwill for their Star Trek content), are susceptible to this kind of blackmail.

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