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This page contains information specifically pertaining to the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.


Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
That Hope Is You, Part 1 3x01 301 Unknown 2020-10-15
Far From Home 3x02 302 Unknown 2020-10-22
People of Earth 3x03 303 Unknown 2020-10-29
Forget Me Not 3x04 304 Unknown 2020-11-05
Die Trying 3x05 305 Unknown 2020-11-12
Scavengers 3x06 306 Unknown 2020-11-19
Unification III 3x07 307 Unknown 2020-11-26
The Sanctuary 3x08 308 Unknown 2020-12-03
Terra Firma, Part I 3x09 309 Unknown 2020-12-10
Terra Firma, Part II 3x10 310 Unknown 2020-12-17
The Citadel 3x11 311 Unknown 2020-12-24
The Good of the People 3x12 312 Unknown 2020-12-31
Outside 3x13 313 Unknown 2021-01-07


Background information

  • On 27 February 2019, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a third season. [1]
  • On 18 March 2019, it was announced that Season 2 series regular Anson Mount (Christopher Pike) and guest star Rebecca Romijn (Una) would not be returning for Season 3. [2]
  • On 20 July 2019, it was announced that David Ajala (Cleveland Booker) had joined the cast.
  • As of 5 May 2020, Composer Jeff Russo was working on writing the fourth episode of this season and spotting through episode 8. [3]
  • As part of a celebratory series of virtual panels on "Star Trek Day" this year (i.e., 8 September 2020), it was announced that this season would introduce a new font for the show's title. [4]
  • On 14 October 2020, it was announced that the opening titles for this season, as had been the case for those used in the second season, would feature new animations. [5] Robots featured in the opening credits sequence for this season are identified in the Netflix audio description track as "maintenance robots".
  • The third season, consisting of thirteen episodes, premiered on 15 October 2020, following the ten-week run of Star Trek: Lower Decks.
  • The premise of this season has similarities to the unproduced concepts Star Trek: Federation and Star Trek: Final Frontier. In the former, the Federation, circa the year 3000, had collapsed to a handful of worlds, and a single ship represented Starfleet's original values. In the latter, the Federation was fractured, after an attack in the 2460s by unknown parties with Omega molecules caused vast areas of the galaxy to be considered impassable, and the crew of the latest starship Enterprise, circa the 2520s, had to remind Starfleet of the higher ideals which that organization, and the Federation, were founded on. It is also reminiscent of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (2000–2005), a science fiction television series in which the namesake ship is transported into the future to find the intergalactic civilization from which it was derived has collapsed, after which the crew embarks on the mission to restore said civilization.
  • A series of "Star Trek Logs" are being released on Instagram throughout the season. These short videos consist of in-universe personal log recordings from the main cast, posted after each new episode. [6]


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Jonathan Frakes has directed two episodes (3x03 and 3x08) [7] [8]
Director of Photography
Crescenzo G.P. Notarile (3x03) [9]
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Based Upon Star Trek Created by
Gene Roddenberry
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