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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Chronological list of studio models appearing in Star Trek: Discovery.

This list is of all new model designs that first appeared in DIS. Information on models that represented a single design can be found in the articles linked below. Information on models that were recycled or refurbished to represent different vessels or props from different species in all series' will be listed herein.

DIS Season 1Edit

Walker classEdit

USS Shenzhou

Walker class

Interstellar relay Edit

Interstellar relay

Interstellar relay

  • No information yet

Worker bee Edit

Shenzhou worker bee

Worker bee

Beacon of Kahless Edit

Beacon of Kahless

Beacon of Kahless

  • No information yet

Sarcophagus Edit

Klingon ship of the dead forward view

The Sarcophagus

Klingon Bird-of-Prey Edit

Klingon Bird-of-Prey (mid 23rd century) aft view

Klingon Bird-of-Prey

Klingon cleave ship Edit

USS Europa rammed

Klingon cleave ship

  • No information yet


USS Yeager (NCC-1437)


Engle classEdit

USS T'Plana-Hath


Hoover classEdit

USS Edison


Magee classEdit

USS Shran


Malachowski classEdit

USS Clarke


Nimitz classEdit

USS Europa


Shepard classEdit

USS Gagarin


Class C shuttlecraft Edit

SPT 21

SPT 21

Crossfield classEdit

USS Discovery

USS Discovery

Starbase 1 type Edit

Federation starbase, 2256

A Federation starbase

D7 class (2256) Edit

Klingon Prison Ship


Klingon raider Edit

Klingon raider

Klingon raider

  • No information yet

The Festoon Edit

Discovery and The Festoon

The Festoon

Vulcan cruiser Edit

Vulcan cruiser landed

Vulcan cruiser

  • No information yet

Klingon battle cruiser Edit

Klingon battle cruiser, aft view

Klingon battle cruiser

  • No information yet

Klingon destroyer Edit

Klingon destroyer engages Discovery

Klingon destroyer

  • No information yet

Charon type Edit

ISS Charon


The Charon-type model was designed by John Eaves.

Constitution class (retcon) Edit

USS Enterprise, 2257


DIS Season 2Edit

Hiawatha type Edit

USS Discovery discovers the wreckage of the USS Hiawatha on the surface of an interstellar asteroid in 2257

Hiawatha type

Landing pod Edit

Landing pod, starboard elevation

Landing pod

Federation tug (23rd century) Edit

Federation tug 23rd century

Federation tug (23rd century)

NCIA-93 type Edit

NCIA-93 (original)

NCIA-93 type

Ba'ul sentry ship Edit

Baul sentry ships

Ba'ul sentry ship

Ba'ul drone Edit

Baul drone

Ba'ul drone

Ba'ul stronghold Edit

Ba'ul Facility

Ba'ul stronghold

Motor vehicle Edit

Shuttlebay motor vehicle

Motor vehicle

  • No information yet

Section 31 Headquarters Edit

Section 31 headquarters

Section 31 Headquarters

Four-nacelled Section 31 starship Edit

Section 31 4-nacelles port bow

Classified four-nacelled starship

  • No information yet

Ba'ul fighter Edit

Ba'ul fighter

Ba'ul fighter

Section 31 drone ship Edit

Section 31 drone ship

Section 31 drone ship

Tactical flyer Edit

Tactical flyer

Tactical flyer

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