DOT-7s were a type of worker robot in operation in the 2250s through the 2280s aboard Federation starships like the USS Enterprise. They were distinguished by a vaguely humanoid silhouette with a head and robotic manipulator arms, and, though they lacked legs, they possessed four maneuvering thrusters on their backs.

DOT-7s were stationed in engineering aboard the Enterprise. Capable of anti-grav flight, the DOT-7s maneuvered between engineering levels performing tasks such as welding. (ST: "Ask Not")

During the Battle near Xahea, several DOT-7s were deployed after an undetonated torpedo fired by a Section 31 ship became lodged in the Enterprise's forward section. (DIS: "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2")


Dot, a DOT-7 in 2267

By 2267, DOT-7s still operated aboard Constitution-class ships, distinguished by red markings and antler-like extensions on their heads. During this time a DOT-7 called Dot had an extended interaction with a mycelial tardigrade called Ephraim that lasted from the 2260s to 2285. (ST: "Ephraim and Dot")



An experimental repair robot

There is precedent for repair robots in the Fifteenth UK Story Arc, published in 1970. The experimental machines, on loan from a research depot on Venus, worked on the Enterprise in a story set between 2267 and 2269. Although more humanoid than DOT-7s, they possessed similar manipulator 'hands'.

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