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Title Episode Production number Stardate US release date
"The Search, Part I" 3x01 40512-447 48212.4–48214.5 1994-09-26
"The Search, Part II" 3x02 40512-447 Unknown 1994-10-03
"The House of Quark" 3x03 40512-449 Unknown 1994-10-10
"Equilibrium" 3x04 40513-450 Unknown 1994-10-17
"Second Skin" 3x05 40513-451 Unknown 1994-10-24
"The Abandoned" 3x06 40513-452 Unknown 1994-10-31
"Civil Defense" 3x07 40513-453 Unknown 1994-11-07
"Meridian" 3x08 40513-454 48423.2 1994-11-14
"Defiant" 3x09 40513-455 48467.3 1994-11-21
"Fascination" 3x10 40513-456 Unknown 1994-11-28
"Past Tense, Part I" 3x11 40513-457 48481.2 1995-01-08
"Past Tense, Part II" 3x12 40513-458 Unknown 1995-01-15
"Life Support" 3x13 40513-459 48498.4 1995-01-31
"Heart of Stone" 3x14 40513-460 48521.5 1995-02-06
"Destiny" 3x15 40513-461 48543.2 1995-02-13
"Prophet Motive" 3x16 40513-462 Unknown 1995-02-20
"Visionary" 3x17 40513-463 Unknown 1995-02-27
"Distant Voices" 3x18 40513-464 Unknown 1995-04-10
"Through the Looking Glass" 3x19 40513-466 Unknown 1995-04-17
"Improbable Cause" 3x20 40513-465 Unknown 1995-04-24
"The Die is Cast" 3x21 40513-467 Unknown 1995-05-01
"Explorers" 3x22 40513-468 Unknown 1995-05-08
"Family Business" 3x23 40513-469 Unknown 1995-05-15
"Shakaar" 3x24 40513-470 Unknown 1995-05-22
"Facets" 3x25 40513-471 Unknown 1995-06-12
"The Adversary" 3x26 40513-472 48959.1 1995-06-25


Background information[]

  • Most of this season was broadcast concurrent with Star Trek: Voyager Season 1, the first episode of which aired the same day as "Past Tense, Part II". Star Trek Generations was also released during its run, three days prior to the airing of the episode "Defiant".
  • Michael Piller leaves the show to focus on creating Star Trek: Voyager, although he remains a creative consultant. Ira Steven Behr becomes the series' new Executive Producer, and effectively becomes showrunner for the remainder of the series.
  • At the end of season 2, the producers were alerted to the fact that feedback from the fans was not especially encouraging. In particular, young male viewers felt that DS9 didn't match up to TNG in terms of action and excitement. As well as this, many fans felt that there wasn't enough interaction with alien species and there wasn't enough traveling. Quark and Odo were the most popular characters, while Sisko was well-liked but seen as a very low-key character without much presence. Generally, episodes which dealt with religion and politics, such as "In the Hands of the Prophets" from the first season and "The Collaborator" from the second were unpopular. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, pp. 157-158)
  • At the end of season 2, director of photography Marvin Rush left DS9 to begin work on VOY and was replaced by Jonathan West. West didn't bring a new lighting technique or visual style to the show, so most fans don't notice any major difference between Rush's cinematography and West's, but one thing that West did change was the type of camera lenses used. Throughout season 1 and season 2, Rush had used wide lenses which tend to separate foreground subjects from background objects by having the foreground in focus and the background out of focus and indistinct. From the start of season 3 however, West began to use telephoto lenses, which flatten the field of view between foreground and background, and as such, when characters are talking in the foreground, the station in the background is clearer to the viewer than ever seen up to this point. The producers were especially happy with this decision as they felt that it was during season 3 where characters like Sisko, Jake, and Keiko began to think of the station as their home for the first time, so it made sense that the station was now becoming more visible to the viewer. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 159)
  • Characters which "cross over" from other incarnations of Star Trek include Gowron ("The House of Quark"), Thomas Riker and Kalita ("Defiant"), and Lwaxana Troi ("Fascination") from TNG and Tuvok's mirror universe counterpart (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass") from VOY.
  • Also, beginning with Season 3 onward, the DS9 crew permanently switches to the new style combadge after it was designed for Star Trek Generations.
  • This is also the final season to use the opening credits from Season 1.
  • This is also the final season where Benjamin Sisko has a full head of hair.



Also starring[]

Guest and co-stars[]


Executive Producers
Creative Consultant
  • Michael Piller ("The Die Is Cast" – "The Adversary")
Line Producer
Supervising Producers
Co-Executive Producer
  • Ira Steven Behr ("The Search, Part I" – "Distant Voices", "Through the Looking Glass")
Associate Producer
Executive Story Editor
Casting by
Music by
  • Jay Chattaway ("The Search, Part I" & "Part II", "Equilibrium", "The Abandoned" – "Civil Defense", "Defiant", "Visionary", "Through the Looking Glass", "Family Business", "The Adversary")
  • Richard Bellis ("The House of Quark")
  • David Bell ("Second Skin", "Past Tense, Part II", "Heart of Stone", "Improbable Cause")
  • Dennis McCarthy ("Meridian", "Fascination" – "Past Tense, Part I", "Life Support", "Destiny" – "Prophet Motive", "Distant Voices", "The Die Is Cast" – "Explorers", "Facets")
  • Paul Baillargeon ("Shakaar")
Main Title Theme by
  • Dennis McCarthy (credit only appears in episodes not composed by McCarthy)
Director of Photography
Production Designer
  • Herman Zimmerman ("The Search, Part I" – "Civil Defense", "Life Support" – "Heart of Stone")
Art Director
Unit Production Manager
  • Robert della Santina
First Assistant Director
  • B.C. Cameron (odd-numbered episodes, as well as "Heart of Stone")
  • Brian Whitley (even-numbered episodes except "Heart of Stone")
Second Assistant Director
Costume Designer
Visual Consultant
  • Herman Zimmerman ("Meridian" – "Past Tense, Part II")
Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Supervisor
Post Production Supervisor
  • Terri Potts ("The Search, Part I" – "Past Tense, Part II")
Supervising Editor
  • J.P. Farrell
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant
Makeup Designed and Supervised by
Set Decorator
Set Designer
Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Judy Elkins (odd-numbered episodes through "Facets", except for "Family Business")
  • David Takemura (even-numbered episodes through "The Adversary", except "Past Tense, Part II" and "Shakaar")
  • Laura-Lang Matz ("Family Business", "Shakaar")
Visual Effects Series Coordinator
Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Carol Kunz ("The Search, Part I" – "Civil Defense", odd-numbered episodes from "Defiant" through "Destiny", "Prophet Motive", odd-numbered episodes from "Improbable Cause" through "Facets")
  • Camille Argus (even-numbered episodes from "Meridian" through "Heart of Stone", "Visionary", even-numbered episodes from "Distant Voices" through "The Adversary")
Script Supervisor
Special Effects
  • Gary Monak ("The Search, Part I" – "Civil Defense", "Defiant" – "Life Support")
  • R.J. Hohman ("Meridian")
Property Master
Construction Coordinator
Scenic Artists
Hair Designer
Make-up Artists
  • Camille Calvet ("The Search, Part I", "The House of Quark" – "Equilibrium", "The Abandoned" – "Past Tense, Part I", "Heart of Stone" – "Prophet Motive", "Distant Voices" – "Improbable Cause", "Family Business" – "Shakaar") (credited as Camille Calvert in "Heart of Stone")
  • Dean Gates ("The Search, Part I" – "Second Skin", "Civil Defense" – "Defiant", "Past Tense, Part I" – "Past Tense, Part II", "Heart of Stone", "Visionary", "Improbable Cause" – "The Die Is Cast", "Shakaar" – "Facets")
  • Karen J. Westerfield ("The Search, Part I" – "The House of Quark", "Second Skin" – "Past Tense, Part I", "Life Support" – "Through the Looking Glass", "Explorers" – "The Adversary")
  • Dean Carl Jones ("The Search, Part II" – "The Abandoned", "Meridian", "Fascination", "Past Tense, Part II" – "Life Support", "Visionary" – "Distant Voices", "Through the Looking Glass" – "Explorers", "Facets" – "The Adversary") (credited as Dean Jones from "Visionary" through "Distant Voices")
  • Karen Iverson ("Past Tense, Part II" – "Life Support", "Destiny" – "Prophet Motive", "The Die Is Cast" – "Family Business", "The Adversary")
Hair Stylists
Sound Mixer
Camera Operator
Chief Lighting Technician
  • R.D. Knox ("The Search, Part I" – "Visionary", "Explorers" – "The Adversary")
  • Ralph Johnson ("Distant Voices" – "The Die Is Cast")
First Company Grip
Key Costumers
  • Mary Ellen Bosche (odd-numbered episodes through "Family Business", "The Adversary")
  • Len Levitt ("The Search, Part I", "The House of Quark")
  • Phyllis Corcoran-Woods (even-numbered episodes through "Shakaar", "Facets")
  • Cleo Severy (even-numbered episodes through "Shakaar", "Facets")
  • Jerry Bono (odd-numbered episodes from "Second Skin" through "Family Business", "The Adversary")
Music Editor
Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Editors
Production Coordinator
Post Production Coordinator
Visual Effects Associate
  • Laura Lang-Matz ("The Search, Part I" – "Explorers", "Facets", "The Adversary")
Production Associates
Science Consultant
Main Title Design
  • Dan Curry
Location Manager
Stunt Coordinator
Pre-Production Coordinator
Casting Executive

Uncredited crew[]


Filmed with
Panavision cameras and lenses
Video Optical Effects
Special Video Compositing
CIS Hollywood
Motion Control Photography
Image "G"
Computer Animation
Matte Paintings by
Illusion Arts ("Family Business")
Editing Facilities
Unitel Video
Post Production Sound
Modern Sound

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