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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4 was released on VHS in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by CIC Video in 1996.

It is interesting to note that this season sees a number of volumes receive ratings above PG. Only Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan had received such classification before.


Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.

CIC Video

From the makers of The Next Generation; Beyond the Final Frontier

CIC Video included stardates on its covers for each episode. These appeared even when no stardate was given in the episode. The back cover carried a quote from one of the episodes contained on the video.

Sleeve changes

The orientation of the station is changed from this season on. The fully-visible, tilted station image goes onto the back cover, where the Defiant can be seen.

Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
4.1[1][2] VHR 4203 Cover of volume 4.1.
"The Way of the Warrior"
12 26 February 1996
4.2 VHR 4148 Cover of volume 4.2.
"The Visitor"
"Hippocratic Oath"
PG 11 March 1996
4.3 VHR 4149 Cover of volume 4.3.
12 25 March 1996
4.4[3] VHR 4150 Cover of volume 4.4.
"Little Green Men"[4]
"Starship Down"
PG 22 April 1996
4.5 VHR 4151 Cover of volume 4.5.
"The Sword of Kahless"
"Our Man Bashir"
PG 13 May 1996
4.6 VHR 4255 Cover of volume 4.6.
"Paradise Lost"
PG 3 June 1996
4.7 VHR 4256 Cover of volume 4.7.
"Return to Grace"
PG 8 July 1996
4.8 VHR 4257 Cover of volume 4.8.
"Sons of Mogh"
"Bar Association"
12 22 July 1996
4.9 VHR 4258 Cover of volume 4.9.
"Rules of Engagement"
PG 9 September 1996
4.10 VHR 4259 Cover of volume 4.10.
"Hard Time"[5]
"Shattered Mirror"
15[6] 7 October 1996
4.11 VHR 4260 Cover of volume 4.11.
"The Muse"
"For the Cause"
PG 28 October 1996
4.12 VHR 4261 Cover of volume 4.12.
"To the Death"
"The Quickening"
15[7] 28 October 1996
4.13 VHR 4262 Cover of volume 4.13.
"Body Parts"
"Broken Link"[8]
12 18 November 1996

Other releases featuring DS9 Season 4 episodes

Volume/Set Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate[9] Release Date
The Way of the Warrior special release[10] VHR 4434 Cover of Way of the Warrior special edition.
"The Way of the Warrior"
12 9 December 1996
Star Trek - Greatest Battles VHR 4732 Greatest Battles exterior packaging.
"The Way of the Warrior"
"To the Death"
12 16 November 1998


  1. This volume features a special case sleeve - a gatefold showcasing the promotional art for the episode, as well as background covering the events between series, such as the closing of the Cardassian borders, and increased belligerence on the part of the Klingons. Biographies of the characters, Deep Space 9 and alien races are also included. The promotional art is also represented on the front cover, with the (new) standard layout adapted slightly.
  2. This release was heavily advertised in the UK genre press, with full page advertisements in Star Trek Monthly and SFX, amongst others.
  3. The order of the episodes on this volume is reversed. The cover image features a modification of the famous Roswell Daily Record newpaper cover.
  4. The cover image features a modification of the famous Roswell Daily Record newspaper cover.
  5. The video sleeve gives the episode title as "Hard Times".
  6. This is the highest rating ever received by an individual series VHS volume.
  7. This is the highest rating ever received by an individual series VHS volume.
  8. The internal sleeve includes a biography of Odo.
  9. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).
  10. One of three feature-length videos (along with "Best of Both Worlds" and "Caretaker") released to tie in with the premiere of Star Trek: First Contact.

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