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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 5 was released on VHS in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by CIC Video in 1997.

Releases Edit

Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.

CIC Video Edit

From the makers of The Next Generation; Beyond the Final Frontier

CIC Video included stardates on its covers for each episode. These appeared even when no stardate was given in the episode. The back cover carried a quote from one of the episodes contained on the video.

Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
5.1 VHR 4263 DS9 5.1 UK VHS cover
"Apocalypse Rising"
"The Ship"
PG 13 January 1997
5.2 VHR 4264 DS9 5.2 UK VHS cover
"Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places"
"Nor the Battle to the Strong"
PG 3 February 1997
5.3 VHR 4265 DS9 5.3 UK VHS cover
"The Assignment"
"Trials and Tribble-ations"[1]
PG 24 February 1997
5.4 VHR 4266 DS9 5.4 UK VHS cover
"Let He Who Is Without Sin..."
"Things Past"
PG 10 March 1997
5.5 VHR 4267 DS9 5.5 UK VHS cover
"The Ascent"
PG 7 April 1997
5.6 VHR 4268 DS9 5.6 UK VHS cover
"The Darkness and the Light"
"The Begotten"
PG 5 May 1997
5.7 VHR 4269 DS9 5.7 UK VHS cover
"For the Uniform"
"In Purgatory's Shadow"
PG 2 June 1997
5.8 VHR 4270 DS9 5.8 UK VHS cover
"By Inferno's Light"
"Doctor Bashir, I Presume"
12 23 June 1997
5.9 VHR 4271 DS9 5.9 UK VHS cover
"A Simple Investigation"
"Business as Usual"
PG 21 July 1997
5.10 VHR 4272 DS9 5.10 UK VHS cover
"Ties of Blood and Water"
"Ferengi Love Songs"
PG 22 August 1997
5.11 VHR 4273 DS9 5.11 UK VHS cover
"Soldiers of the Empire"
"Children of Time"
12 1 September 1997
5.12 VHR 4274 DS9 5.12 UK VHS cover
"Blaze of Glory"
"Empok Nor"
12 29 September 1997
5.13[2] VHR 4275 DS9 5.13 UK VHS cover
"In the Cards"
"Call to Arms"
U 20 October 1997

Other releases featuring DS9 Season 5 episodes Edit

Volume/Set Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate[3] Release Date
Star Trek - Greatest Battles VHR 4732 Greatest Battles exterior
"Empok Nor"
12 16 November 1998

Footnotes Edit

  1. The video sleeve gives the 23rd century stardate used in the episode.
  2. Somewhat unusually, the front cover image is not that of a character, but rather of Cardassian and Dominion ships attacking the station. The internal sleeve features a biography of Elias Giger.
  3. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).

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