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Title Episode Production number Stardate US release date
"A Time to Stand" 6x01 40510-525 Unknown 1997-09-29
"Rocks and Shoals" 6x02 40510-527 Unknown 1997-10-06
"Sons and Daughters" 6x03 40510-526 Unknown 1997-10-16
"Behind the Lines" 6x04 40510-528 51145.3–51149.5 1997-10-20
"Favor the Bold" 6x05 40510-529 Unknown 1997-10-27
"Sacrifice of Angels" 6x06 40510-530 Unknown 1997-11-03
"You Are Cordially Invited" 6x07 40510-531 51247.5 1997-11-10
"Resurrection" 6x08 40510-532 Unknown 1997-11-17
"Statistical Probabilities" 6x09 40510-533 Unknown 1997-11-22
"The Magnificent Ferengi" 6x10 40510-534 Unknown 1997-12-17
"Waltz" 6x11 40510-535 51408.6–51413.6 1998-01-03
"Who Mourns for Morn?" 6x12 40510-536 Unknown 1998-02-04
"Far Beyond the Stars" 6x13 40510-538 Unknown 1998-02-11
"One Little Ship" 6x14 40510-537 51474.2 1998-02-14
"Honor Among Thieves" 6x15 40510-539 Unknown 1998-02-21
"Change of Heart" 6x16 40510-540 51597.2 1998-02-28
"Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night" 6x17 40510-541 Unknown 1998-03-28
"Inquisition" 6x18 40510-542 Unknown 1998-04-08
"In the Pale Moonlight" 6x19 40510-543 51721.3 1998-04-15
"His Way" 6x20 40510-544 Unknown 1998-04-22
"The Reckoning" 6x21 40510-545 Unknown 1998-04-29
"Valiant" 6x22 40510-546 51825.4 1998-05-06
"Profit and Lace" 6x23 40510-547 Unknown 1998-05-13
"Time's Orphan" 6x24 40510-548 Unknown 1998-05-20
"The Sound of Her Voice" 6x25 40510-549 51948.3 1998-06-10
"Tears of the Prophets" 6x26 40510-550 Unknown 1998-06-17


The season begins three months into the Dominion War, and things do not go well for the former crew of Deep Space 9.

The crew enters Cardassian space to destroy a ketracel-white installation, Sisko leads a battle to reclaim DS9, O'Brien infiltrates the Orion Syndicate, the Romulans enter the Dominion War, and Jadzia Dax is killed by a pah-wraith-possessed Dukat.

Many episodes in this season focus on moral issues in wartime, especially the hard choice between different calamities such as betrayal of principles, treason, and the deaths of dear or unknown people, e.g.:

  • "Statistical Probabilities": Saving the people from the Dominion vs. granting the people a greater chance of survival
  • "Honor Among Thieves": Letting a friend walk into a trap vs. supporting organized crime
  • "Change of Heart": Probable death of the spouse vs. sure death of a stranger who is important for the mission
  • "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night": Collaborating with an occupying force and contributing to the oppression of your people to obtain benefits for one's family vs. using one's position to fight for the greater good at the expense of yourself and your family.
  • "In the Pale Moonlight": Engaging in criminal activities to win an ally in the war

Background information[]

  • This season was broadcast concurrent with Star Trek: Voyager Season 4.
  • Bradley Thompson and David Weddle joined the staff at the beginning of this season as story editors, replacing the departed Robert Hewitt Wolfe, while Hans Beimler replaced Wolfe as Ira Steven Behr's writing partner. Both René Echevarria and Steve Oster were promoted from producers to co-supervising producers, with Oster supervising the day-to-day operation of the set and Echevarria supervising the composition of the scripts.
  • During part of the production of this season the producers were not sure if DS9 would have a seventh season and were prepared to tie up the series at its conclusion. However, DS9 had always been assured that it would have at least six seasons.
  • As a result of the Dominion War, the Gamma Quadrant is not visited a single time this season. It is seen for the final time in the series finale "What You Leave Behind".
  • Although over the course of the first five seasons, the show's handling of Bajoran religion had been a somewhat controversial and not always popular subject, during season six, religion would become more important than ever, with Sisko's relationship with the Prophets brought to the fore, occupying an increasingly important position in the narrative. There had been several episodes which dealt with his role as Emissary of the Prophets (the third season episode "Destiny", the fourth season episode "Accession", and the fifth season episode "Rapture"), but this season, and the next, would attach more and more importance to Sisko's relationship with the Prophets, as established in the show's pilot, "Emissary". As well as this, the Prophets (who we had seen only three times prior to this season; in "Emissary", "Prophet Motive" and "Accession") would become far more important and would begin to get directly involved in corporeal matters.
  • Characters which 'crossover' from other incarnations of Star Trek: Alexander Rozhenko ("Sons and Daughters").




Executive Producers
Rick Berman, Ira Steven Behr
Associate Producer
Terri Potts
Casting by
Junie Lowry-Johnson, CSA, Ron Surma
Music By
  • Dennis McCarthy ("A Time to Stand", "Behind the Lines", "You Are Cordially Invited", "The Magnificent Ferengi", "Far Beyond the Stars", "Change of Heart", "Inquisition", "The Reckoning", "The Sound of Her Voice")
  • David Bell ("Rocks and Shoals", "Sacrifice of Angels", "Statistical Probabilities", "Who Mourns for Morn?", "In the Pale Moonlight", "Profit and Lace")
  • Jay Chattaway ("Sons and Daughters", "Favor the Bold", "Resurrection", "One Little Ship", "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night", "His Way", "Time's Orphan", "Tears of the Prophets")
  • Paul Baillargeon ("Waltz", "Valiant")
  • Gregory Smith ("Honor Among Thieves")
Main Title Theme By
Dennis McCarthy (credit appears only in episodes not composed by McCarthy)
Director of Photography
Jonathan West, ASC
Production Designer
Herman Zimmerman
Michael Westmore, Jr.
Unit Production Manager
Robert della Santina
First Assistant Director
B.C. Cameron
Second Assistant Director
Joe Candrella
Costume Designer
Robert Blackman
Visual Consultant
Herman Zimmerman
Visual Effects Producer
Dan Curry
Visual Effects Supervisor
Gary Hutzel
Post Production Supervisor
April Rossi
Supervising Editor
J.P. Farrell
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant
Michael Okuda
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant
Rick Sternbach
Make-Up Designed and Supervised by
Michael Westmore
Set Decorator
Laura Richarz
Set Designers
Anthony Bro
Andrew Reeder (uncredited)
Senior Illustrator
John Eaves
Visual Effects Coordinator
Judy Elkins
Visual Effects Series Coordinator
Edward L. Williams
Visual Effects Associate
Laura Matz
Script Supervisor
Stuart Lippman
Wardrobe Supervisor
Carol Kunz
Special Effects
Gary Monak
Property Master
Joe Longo
Construction Coordinator
Thomas J. Arp
Scenic Artist
Doug Drexler
Hair Designer
Norma Lee
Make-up Artists
Sonny Burman, Camille Calvet, Dean Jones
Hair Stylists
Brian Andrew-Tunstall, Rebecca De Morrio
Sound Mixer
Bill Gocke
Camera Operator
Kris Krosskove, SOC
Chief Lighting Technician
R.D. Knox
First Company Grip
Steve Gausche
Key Costumers
Michael Chapman, Jerry Bono
Music Editor
Stephen M. Rowe
Supervising Sound Editor
Mace Matiosian
Sound Editors
Ruth Adelman, Guy Tsujimoto, Jivan Tahmizian, Eric Williams
Laura Feder Behr ("Statistical Probabilities", "His Way")
Assistant Editor
Noel A. Guerra
Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Edward Hoffmeister
Production Coordinator
Heidi Smothers
Post Production Coordinator
Monique K. Chambers
Production Associates
David Rossi, Kristina Kochoff, Robbin L. Slocum
Science Consultant
André Bormanis
Main Title Design
Dan Curry
Stunt Coordinator
Dennis Madalone
Pre Production Coordinator
Lolita Fatjo
Casting Executive
Helen Mossler, CSA


Filmed with
Panavision cameras and lenses
Digital Optical Effects
POP Television
Special Video Compositing
CIS Hollywood
Motion Control Photography
Image "G"
Computer Animation
  • Foundation Imaging ("Sacrifice of Angels", "Favor the Bold", "The Sound of Her Voice")
  • VisionArt Design & Animation ("Behind the Lines")
  • Digital Muse ("Favor the Bold", "Sacrifice of Angels", "Who Mourns for Morn?", "Change of Heart", "Inquisition", "His Way", "The Valiant", "Tears of the Prophets")
Matte Paintings
Open Films ("Honor Among Thieves")
Editing Facilities
Post Production Sound
Modern Sound

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