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Dale Chaloukian worked as a sound editor on both Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. He was nominated for Emmy Awards for his work on the Voyager episodes "Equinox, Part II" and "Endgame", and the pilot episode of Enterprise, "Broken Bow".

Prior to his work within the Star Trek franchise, Chaloukian worked with many other members of the Trek sound crew on a number of feature films. Chaloukian worked alongside Jerry Trent on 1996's made-for-TV movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and he worked with both Jerry and Chris Trent on the 1997 made-for-TV movie Steel Chariots. Chaloukian, Ruth Adelman, Doug Davey, Jeff Gersh, Chris Haire, T. Ashley Harvey, Bill Henderson, Mace Matiosian, Richard L. Morrison, Miguel Rivera, Jivan Tahmizian, Masanobu Tomita, Audrey Trent, Chris Trent, Jerry Trent, Guy Tsujimoto, Eric Williams, and Bill Wistrom all worked on 1997's The Only Thrill (starring Sharon Lawrence) and all except Harvey and Rivera worked on 1998's Family Plan; Chaloukian was a dialogue editor on both of these films. The 1999 comedy She's All That (starring Gabrielle Union) featured sound work by Chaloukian, Adelman, Harvey, Tahmizian, and Audrey, Chris and Jerry Trent; Chaloukian was a foley artist and sound editor on the film.

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