Daled IV was the inhabited fourth planet of its star system, and was the homeworld for a species of shapeshifters known as allasomorphs. An important facility on the planet was Command Headquarters.

Daled IV had an almost identical atmosphere to Klavdia III. The troposphere of the planet distorted normal communications signals and required a lot of energy to penetrate. The environment was hostile to humanoid lifeforms. Daled IV had at least three moons, and its third moon was inhabited and similar in appearance to Earth's moon Luna.

The planet rotated only once per a revolution around its primary, meaning on one side of the planet it was constantly light, and on the other side it was constantly night. Disparate cultures evolved in each hemisphere which resulted in a civil war lasting for the entirety of their recorded history. (TNG: "The Dauphin")

The planet model for Daled IV was first used for Klavdia III. ("The Dauphin") It was later used for Tau Cygna V, ("The Ensigns of Command") Moab IV, ("The Masterpiece Society") and Devidia II. ("Time's Arrow")

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